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  1. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    My classic bronco has been at paint (body is was done and ready when I dropped it off) for 7 months. I think they just like to look at it. Frustrating, but I don't have many options and it's the best shop in town for custom stuff.
  2. New Owner 1974 260z

    I don't love or hate the body kit. Very interesting design. Are the air inlets cosmetic?
  3. L31 street performer build

    Awesome, keep us in the loop on the build. I am going back and forth on getting my L24 some HP love. Try to get 185+ HP out of it, make it fun to drive. I have a series 1 so I am thinking about keeping it mostly original and matching.
  4. Genius! Any idea what motor Rebello is putting the head on?