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  1. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Hey Old Andy! I was just taking a look over your build and it looks great. Mind if i ask what pillar pod you modified to fit the z? thanks so much!
  2. Trigger Wheel VR Sensor Question

    Hey everyone, I am using a VR sensor and trigger wheel with my megasquirt ECU. I was hoping someone could answer my question regarding this set up. I currently have the VR sensor mounted near the bottom of the trigger wheel. I was reading up that the sensor needs to be about 5-7 teeth BTDC. I was unable to find a good mount online to put it at the timing mark mount, can I just bring the engine to TDC and rotate the trigger wheel accordingly? Any answers or information would be greatly appreciated. I tried the search function but wasnt finding an exact answer to this particular issue. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hall Effect Sensor location ideas

    Hey guys, I have AC in my car and im looking to keep it in tact. The L28ET i picked up came with a mount in place of where the compressor mounts for my hall effect sensor. Any of you guys running AC with a hall effect? How did you mount yours? I would love to get some input! Thanks in advance.
  4. 280Z Restomod Progress

    Thanks man!
  5. 280Z Restomod Progress

    I love all of the LED upgrades! I would really like to learn how to wire that kind of thing myself. Where did you get those nifty center console webbed holding things? Looks like a great place to put maps or phones etc.
  6. Timing confusion

    Hey everyone, sorry that i have not updated this thread. The issue in the end was that my oil pump was in fact 1 tooth off! It looked to be more set to the 11 oclock position rather than the 11:25. Thank you all for your help!
  7. Timing confusion

    Sorry to hear that, this is a most frustrating experience. I went off of "pointing at the hole" by a friends recommendation so i think my oil pump may not be situated properly. I will be checking that as well. I wish you luck!
  8. Timing confusion

    VERY interesting, mine points closer to the left side of the hole rather than the right! This may be something to adjust and try out tonight!
  9. Timing confusion

    Hmm interesting, if i recall correctly it pointed to the #1 cylinder but definitely something i didnt double, triple, quadruple check like other things. I will take a look at that tonight when i get off work and report back! Thanks guys.
  10. Timing confusion

    I see, i had an NA engine in there before hand with stock set up, timed out just fine. This engine is the dished piston F54 with a P90 but im running stock size NA injectors, stock wiring, stock NA distributor, stock EFI everything and ECU for NA application. Timing light was zero'd out
  11. Timing confusion

    Timing light set on the 1st plug wire, closest to the front of the engine. When i turn the distributor cap to 10 degrees it idles poorly and revs very sluggishly. Setting it "by ear" where it sounds the most healthy by idle revs and throttle response puts me to about the middle of my adjusting bracket and that puts me at about 30 degrees. The timing light is in good working order, tested it on a few other vehicles to try and remove that from the equation as well.
  12. Timing confusion

    Hey everyone, recently swapped in an L28ET into my 78 280Z that is currently installed as an NA until my megasquirt is ready. Im running into a strange timing issue. My oil pump is installed properly with the shaft pointing to the top distributor bolt hole, my cam sprocket is set properly per service manual, wires are plugged into the distributor cap in the correct firing order, engine set to top dead center on the first cylinder and the timing marks lined up on the crank pulley. When i run the timing light i have to turn the distributor cap so far counter clockwise that the cap is no longer in the adjustment bracket when i have it set to 10 degrees. If timing by ear and what the car runs well at, im at about 30 degrees. I know its a bit premature, i dont have any photos ready for this yet but i was hoping someone may have some insight as to what could be a potential area as to why my timing shows SO far off.
  13. L28et swap question

    I cant really help out with links or anything but I just wanted to drop a line saying i think its funny that I have a '78 280Z and just picked up an '81 L28ET lol. Good luck man
  14. 280z Black interior and door rubber,

    Hey there, im located in Laveen AZ and i work in downtown phoenix, im interested in your fuse box cover. I have sent you a PM
  15. How to decide 280z vs 280zx?

    I would personally get the S30, but thats just because i REALLY dont like the 280ZX body, except for 1 very specific body kit. Otherwise, my opinion of the aesthetic is pretty low. For the $1.5k you have left over you could spruce up that S30 and get it running no problem.