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  1. jacky4566

    Largest engine able to go into 240/280z?

    You can fit anything under that hood. Seen some V10s even. Biggest problem is the sump location. So just make sure you measure it all out.
  2. WHY ARE YOU YELLING! If you have a fuel regulator they usually have a test port.
  3. jacky4566

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    SuperDan! I don't think this site is ready to die yet. We are still getting new members all the time. My donation incoming! Also idk whats going on in the background but why not migrate to cloud services like Amazon AWS? No need to manage hardware and pricing is done based on demand.
  4. Neat! Ya i would also ask what material. PLA does not have the same heat tolerance as ABS. In a covered environment you shouldn't need to worry about UV too much so thats good. Also, be sure to check out mu writeup for the Jeep CAS sensor if anyone else wants a CAS.
  5. jacky4566

    500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    Doesnt look that hard to me. Just graft the chassis onto a truck chassis But really. The chassis is just not setup for it. Biggest issue is the frame rails are right in the way. It just wasn't built for it. Still going sub. Good luck!
  6. jacky4566

    Cummins 6.7 swap

    Good luck! You might be able to fit a 4BT but diesels are BIG heavy engines. I have also dreamed of a diesel classic but I was going to use an old caddy or dodge. Your going to have a harder time than me an my dream for a V12! You might be better off with a late 260/280. They use thicker gauge steel and will handle the torque better. Also a heavy engine is going to destroy the weight distribution and require some front suspension upgrades.
  7. jacky4566

    Custom LD28 Crankshafts

    Bump. I totally forgot about my Aliexpress account. This was their reply way back 2016-07-30.
  8. jacky4566

    Is this site dead?

    Search is on the left hand side bud Each has thier place. Facebook is good for quick noob answer, What size is this bolt.. How do i blank...what is X... While HybridZ is better for in depth discussion. Tutorials and engineering discussions.
  9. jacky4566

    Looking for a base map for VG

    Base maps aren't really needed anymore. Use the VE generator to get a start and then VEAL to get a 95% map.
  10. jacky4566

    all electronic custom dash

    I don't really understand your question here? If your looking for a speed sender i'm quite sure the GM style electrons sender will screw onto the early nissan transmissions. This is what you want.
  11. jacky4566

    240z roundtop su Floats??

    Welcome to the Forum. Ztherapy.com is your place for SU carbs. Idk where you are but JimZ in Calgary is your man if you need help or parts. Jim Karst [email protected]
  12. jacky4566

    Is this site dead?

    Still here. Facebook is good but the forum has its place for long term documentation of how to do shit.
  13. jacky4566

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    The bolts are in single shear here. The load is between the diff and the mounting plate. The cover isnt providing any load bearing capacity. None the less I don't see any structural problem with this setup. Should be plenty strong. The double end seal under twisting and bending forces will be trickier. Spitsnaugle I know its more work but maybe you want to have the machined put in a grove on both seals to hold more RTV, or even get a custom gasket made / "Cut your own" gasket.
  14. jacky4566

    Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)

    So what was the price of the kit?
  15. jacky4566

    Brainstorming for V12 project

    Did a little bit of looking at the Merc M120. It certainly acoustically sounds better than the Toyota but has the same problems. Its a front sump with the pump under the engine. Also there is no easy/documented manual swaps. Not sure where to source that engine, they appear more rarely than the GZ. Also, Merc parts $$$ :/ Ill add it to my list for further research.