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  1. So you spent 3 times as much money for weaker parts with bad geometry... brilliant. All jokes aside, if the s30 tie rods are too short, you have serious UNCORRECTABLE bump steer issues. See, the s30 rack is already too short for an easy replacement to be found for power steering add ons etc.... and that's with stock steering knuckles. The mustang knuckles allow the use of factory length Subaru racks to be used with either Celica inners or s80 Volvo inners, depending on the year of the rack... all the while maintaining correct geometry for bump steer and improving geometry on lowered cars over stock s30 setups. And BC is a great company, they offer custom coilovers for the neon as well for a great price. So getting high end custom valved and sprung bc coilovers from them will still leave you with a cheaper, stronger and better stopping set up.
  2. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    No worries, plenty of pressure coming from me. I'm in Oregon again and hoping to have it all together before I need to leave in a week.
  3. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Thanks, yeah baby Luke had surgery at 6 days old, and has had many surgeries since then and many more to go.
  4. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I never stopped working on this, and will see this through to the end. This is my son Luke, he is 9 months old, and was born with half a heart. It's a rare condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It's fatal without emidiate surgery and even so it's an uphill fight to make it past puberty. He's had several heart surgeries and his first one was the hardest, with his chest being held open for a week. Reason I'm even bringing this up is to get the back story of what we're up against, and what has been taking so long. While we as a family were in the hospital in San Diego for 8 months I spent a lot of time researching everything currently available for high hp datsuns and the prices, weak links and other issues i came across currently on the market. I then dipped into my personal gun collection (which is a shadow of its former self now) and over time purchased parts for this conversion, while measuring and doing more research as I went along. I just recently finished up the actual design and have test fit everything and plan to road test it all soon. I just want everyone to know that any hold ups I have aren't because I'm vacationing in Europe or have lost interest in 240z cars or playing with other toys. So long story short, if I can make this kind of progress while fighting the fight of my life, you can bet your butt I'm seeing this through. And yes I'm seriously considering doing a tacked together kit as well for the diy types. But just to make it clear, I will absolutely NOT be sharing or selling blueprints or CaD files. I sacrificed what little bit of time and money I didn't even have to spare to bring something like this to market, and I don't intend to give it away. It will be the cheapest, strongest and most versatile bolt in diff setup you can put into these datsuns. But it wont be free. And no, this isn't my first rodeo on bringing something to market where there was a need. The 2014 mustang disc brake adapters I've designed for classic mopars have saved a few dozen people a total of 30k if not more so far. And yes, have put food on my table and diapers on my kids when we needed it most.
  5. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Quick update, rough prototype is finished and test fitted in car and on the diff itself.
  6. Yes the same will work for left hand drive. The videos go into detail on anything you need. Just finished up the dash and put in the steering column as well.
  7. Swapped the rack over. Came out perfect, very happy with it. Here's the video overview.
  8. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Well the lava stopped... flying out tomorrow or Wed to pick this back up.
  9. Invincibleextremes

    Uprated clutch master cylinder bore

    On the jeep one I had to yes, fairly easy though. I think I pulled out the jeep one and replaced it with the datsun one... and put the c clip back in.
  10. Invincibleextremes

    Uprated clutch master cylinder bore

    1979 to 1986 cj7 jeep master is 13/16 Or something like that and is $35... bolts right in. Worth a shot. Supposed to be 7/8
  11. Invincibleextremes

    Camaro IRS differential conversion

  12. Just finished up the lava thing I was doing in Hawaii. Heading to Oregon next week. You're welcome to come on down and say hi, see my progress, provide input from and outside point of view etc. I'll be there for a few weeks, and hope to finish it up.
  13. Invincibleextremes

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Parking brake?
  14. Invincibleextremes

    Dual Ball Joint Strut Modification

    2015 mustangs use dual balljoint setups as well. Which is the reason I went with the 2014 mustang spindle on my single ball joint setup. Just something to look into if you're set on a set up.
  15. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    The super 8.8 in a nodular iron case will handle that no problem. And yes I will be offering a bolt in kit, that's the entire idea with this. My own personal goal is to have a street driven 1,000 plus hp 240z widebody with 275mm and 315mm tires, so our interests align, that's for sure.