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  1. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Got the diff. It was 350 bucks. 3.31 gearing and limited slip. Now that the last piece of the puzzle is here, and I bought the wheels, it's time to start tearing apart my 240z and welding together a working mount for this.
  2. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    I bought 2014 mustang lower control arms for 50 bucks each, and I'm going to splice the tip with the 240z control arm, making a hybrid arm. I can't afford the wheels or I would have all this built already. Actually... ordering the wheels today, so hope to have it hacked together soon.
  3. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Yeah, the fronts. I'm not really following you. I can't imagine there being any hub deflection if that's what you're saying may happen. These parts are designed for a car over a thousand pounds heavier.
  4. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    As in the rear stub axles? The setup I'm designing doesn't use stub axles, but rather bolt on hubs like the newer Nissan stuff. I think that's what the other guy was saying when he was talking about large bore hollow axles too.
  5. It won't move but sure puts a whole lot of constant pressure on the shock rod every time it wants to move... the strut on our cars is behind the axle center line... every sharp bump first tries to twist the strut, then the strut gives way vertically like it's supposed to... The rigid nature of the factory arms keeps the shock piston side loading to a minimum. Adjustable control arms that put a Hein joint on the inside follow the same principles and don't change much from factory in that regard. You can assemble the strut without a shock and it more or less stays in place if you gently lower your car. Assemble your strut without a shock with these arms and the spring will twist and may come off the seat as the strut twists backwards with the wheel pushing it up. That's not to say it doesn't work well, or that there's ever any issues.... That's just my reason for myself not wanting to buy one... I imagine shock life being significantly shorter...
  6. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    This isnt something thats really marketable btw, just an idea people can use for themselves.... I may have the 1/4 inch strut adapter shims laser cut and sold for $60 for the 4 of them to make it easier for people to do this, but this is honestly something anyone with a welder can do themselves. Monday I'll go grab some 1/4 inch plate steel and bolt it all together, and show you guys what's needed to make the dodge neon coilover bolt to the mustang spindle. Once I have wheels and tires, which I can't afford at the moment, I'll be bolting this up to the front of my datsun and posting pics. And videos. And later down the road I'll have my rear set up designed and built. The rear will require me to design a custom knuckle with neon coilover mounts and be set up for the 2015 mustang irs hubs while using 2014 mustang brakes (so braking stays matched to the 2014 fronts). So for a few months I'll have 5 lug front set up with 4 lug rears untill I have the rear to bolt in.
  7. Got 315's to fit my set up

    I love that. Definately an inspiration.
  8. Options for hub-centric front hubs

    Mustang spindles. That's what I'm using. Same 5x114.3 wheel pattern. But will need modded 2004 srt4 coilovers and a mustang ball joint and some techno toy tuning outer tie rods to work. Wheel flange is spot on and steering geometry remains factory. Brake options get super cheap too. 13.2 inch brakes for $150, Or 14 inch brembos monsters for $96 per caliper and $45 per rotor.... Can still use 11.5 inch brakes and a 16 inch wheel is that's your thing too.
  9. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Parts breakdown. 2004 dodge neon srt4 coilovers. --- I bought mine for $180 2014 mustang spindles ---- $100 a pair, all day. 2014 mustang brakes.--- $100 to $300 a set, easily found. Mine were $150... What's needed to make them all work together is two 1/4 plates with 3 holes each and a welder per spindle. And a hybrid 240z lower control arm that uses a mustang ball joint. In my case I'm just welding a mustang control arm stub to the 240z one.
  10. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Been busy. Anyways, did a ton of measuring. First off, steering knuckle to ball joint distance is the same. So geometry remains the same in that regards. Secondly, the tie rod ends have the same taper BUT the mustang ones are bigger and stronger. The solution is to use techno toy tuning 5/8 adjustable outer tie rods. The mustang spindle can be drilled for 5/8 with the provided drill bit. Or do what I'm planning on doing, and fab up the mustang inner tie rod together with the datsun inner, and use mustang outer tie rods, and not drill the spindles. The other all important question is wheel flange to ball joint dimensions, and they are spot on. My original thought was they were kicked out about an inch. I was wrong. You will need to use zero offset wheels with this setup. Or negative if you want to run really wide track. You can use 11.5 inch brakes and run 16 inch wheels. Or be like me, and use 13.2 inch brakes with 17 inch wheels. The strut mounts don't line up, but are 1/2 wider than the mustang spindle. The solution I have come up with is to use 1/4 inch plates to adapter the mounting pattern to the mustang spindle bolt locations. Two plates per strut. All in all my cost for this has been less than the cost of a pair of 5 lug hubs. So yeah, this is a no brainer when it comes to choice for me.
  11. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    For example... the cheapest coilover setup is 900 bucks and requires welding... or you can use bolt struts from a different platform... I'm trying to use the super 8.8 off a 2015 mustang... bolt on factory brakes on the rear, hubs etc... 40 bucks for a hub sure beats 800 for stub axles and then another 600 for companion flanges. The s30 platform market is saturated, very true. But it's saturated with severely overpriced junk.
  12. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    True, I'm just trying to offer the same thing, but for the guys with big hp who don't want to spend the current market prices for it...
  13. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    I'm not messing with stub axles. Gets too expensive fast... I can build a setup with 14 inch brembos up front and 800 hp axles for WAY less than what it currently costs to do the rear conversion kit from any number of places... The Nissan stuff is severely overpriced.
  14. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Oh. Yeah, I don't think a spindle and ball joint designed for a 3,500 lb car is going to be the weak link in a 2,500 lb v8 datsun...
  15. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking. A small adapter with 5 holes... 4 for the control arm, and one for the 2014 mustang ball joint. Not looking to push the ball joint out ... that would create camber. I plan on bolting a 2014 mustang spindle on with a 2004 Subaru coil over strut in the exact 240z factory locations. I just have a feeling that the wheel mounting surface on a 2014 mustang is out farther from the ball joint pivot point than it is on a 240z. I know this because mustangs use a 35mm or 42mm positive offset wheel... Factory steering on any car always places the center of steering directly in the middle of a tire... ALWAYS. Either with a positive offset wheel or by being very shallow on the spindle like the 240z is. I have one question. Why the Chrysler ball joint? What suspension bolts up to it?