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  1. Patton Machine EFI

    I have committed myself to converting my SUs to the Patton Machine EFI. http://www.pattonmachine.com/TBI-Main.htm I am wondering if anyone that has done this could post some pictures of your install? Curious about where to mount everything. Thanks in advance.
  2. Distributor base

    Anyone have the adjustment plate for the distributor?.....for a '74 260z. I'm swapping my distributor in my '72 240z with one from a 260z. The one from the 240z does not fit. Thought they were the same. The mounting screw in the adjustment plate does not line up. I do not need the whole distributor. Thank you.
  3. 280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

    I'll take em. PM me with your info.
  4. 280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

    Price for the CV kit? Do you know if they will work with a Subaru R180 differential?
  5. 280z distributor

    I may have sourced one locally. That's good to know that about the vacuum advance. Thanks for your help.
  6. 280z distributor

    Hi all. I'm looking for a '75 '76 single pick up distributor. I really just need the vacuum control module. Thanks in advance.
  7. WTB SU Carbs working

    I am getting ready to remove a set from my '72 in a couple of weeks. I am converting to FI. They were rebuilt by Z Therapy....can't remember the date. They work great no issues. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. 1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    PM sent.........
  9. Square Port Header

    I am looking for a square port header for my 72 Z. Not really sure what kind. Can anyone help me?
  10. 280Z Interior/Engine Bay Parts

    How much for just the 3 small guages?
  11. Reverse idler gear

    Went ahead and got a new gear and countershaft bearing and nut. Less than $50. Took about 20 minutes The hardest part was getting the snap-ring off. What would cause this to happen to the reverse idler? I don't see any evidence of damage anywhere else?. Thanks for the help.
  12. Reverse idler gear

    It looks doable. But I'd rather not change it if it's not necessary. More opinions would be appreciated.
  13. Reverse idler gear

    I'm doing a 240sx 5 spd swap. I pulled the rear cover off for inspection. Things look pretty good except for the reverse idler gear. Can I just replace this without tearing the whole thing apart?
  14. 5 speed swap

    Okay. 72 240z. I'm swapping a '77 5 speed in for my 4 speed. Which throw-out should I use?