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  1. Square Port Header

    I am looking for a square port header for my 72 Z. Not really sure what kind. Can anyone help me?
  2. 280Z Interior/Engine Bay Parts

    How much for just the 3 small guages?
  3. Reverse idler gear

    Went ahead and got a new gear and countershaft bearing and nut. Less than $50. Took about 20 minutes The hardest part was getting the snap-ring off. What would cause this to happen to the reverse idler? I don't see any evidence of damage anywhere else?. Thanks for the help.
  4. Reverse idler gear

    It looks doable. But I'd rather not change it if it's not necessary. More opinions would be appreciated.
  5. Reverse idler gear

    I'm doing a 240sx 5 spd swap. I pulled the rear cover off for inspection. Things look pretty good except for the reverse idler gear. Can I just replace this without tearing the whole thing apart?
  6. 5 speed swap

    Okay. 72 240z. I'm swapping a '77 5 speed in for my 4 speed. Which throw-out should I use?
  7. Transmission cleaning

    Thanks for the input. I ended up using 50/50 ATF and diesel fuel. I figured the detergents in the ATF and oil in the diesel would work well together. Seems to have cleaned very good. I still may run some ATF through it anyway. Thanks, Chris
  8. Transmission cleaning

    Thanks Nelsonian. It's not rusty at all. It sat empty and the oil that was there has kinda turned to a thick sludge.
  9. Transmission cleaning

    I am in the process of replacing the input shafts bearing and countershaft bearings in my 5 spd. My question is can I clean the gears and syncrose while I have the case split. They are pretty nasty....sat for 20 years. What could I clean it with? Could i use brake cleaner? Thanks
  10. Gear change striking rod lock bolt

    Got it. Ended up drilling a 1/8" hole approximately where I thought would line up......missed it by about 1/16". Was still able to beat it out. Had to support the rod to keep it from bouncing. Had to hit it pretty hard. Now.... The hole in the trans. case. Gonna tap it and loctite an aluminum screw in it. Thought about an aluminum rivet instead and pean it from bothe sides.
  11. Gear change striking rod lock bolt

    Okay....tried heat, put a block of steel against the case to pry against. No go. The rod was flexing quite a bit. Wasn't sure how hot I could get it, but it was pretty hot.....any experts?....how hot can I get it? Any more suggestions?
  12. Gear change striking rod lock bolt

    I was thinking heat, but don't want to overheat. May have to do that as a last resort.
  13. Gear change striking rod lock bolt

    Yeah, getting the nut off is not the issue. Can't figure out a way to press out the wedge bolt.
  14. Is there some trick or special tools to remove this lockbolt from my transmission. Not much room to do anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. parting out 1977 280z 2+2

    PM sent.........