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  1. 1971 240z rb25det build thread

    Hey mate, I know this is a very old post but I am doing the exact same thing in my z with the EZ 21 relay. I'm mounting mine in the exact spot as yours I've found, and I'm curious how exactly you did it? It seems the easiest way is to get two long sheet metal screws and just drill em in, is that what you did? if you have any pictures that would also be helpful! Let me know pretty please with sugar on top haha. Regardless, rad build!
  2. Question regarding wiring to steering wheel

    Thanks mate! All the info helps!
  3. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

  4. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    So I'm buying a house and will be renovating it for a few months soon, so the z will have to wait a bit until I'm done in order to get fully finished sadly. With that in mind, I went into hustle mode and just started piecing together all the little things that needed to go back on. First up are the headlight buckets. My friend taigon was nice enough to give me a metal drivers side bucket as mine was fiberglass and no longer fit. I straightened out some metal on the front drivers side where there was a crumple about a year ago and what I didn't realize is that by straightening it out I also mis aligned everything, so my bucket on that side did not mount anymore. THe metal one at least mounts at one spot and then the screws going into the fender are mountable too, but you can see the gap towards the front of the inside. Oh well though! this thing is being built for weekend fun so I'm not too worried. I think I'll probably end up using mounting pins on the hood too or something, as these don't fit. I also re welded the bracket for the front grille on in it's current position, so If I ever went to "fix" it then I would also need to re align that. the hood pins seem a lot easier ha. I also put the front lip on! I have waited for a long time to do that one. It turned out pretty good I feel! Also, the engine bay flap things are on with their clips too, stoked! then theres a bunch of other little stuff! the horns, good popper, rear wiring threaded through the body, etc. mishimoto radiator, new hoses on everything, caps on the A/C ports that I'm blocking off, new oil filter and topped her off with some oil! also got a lot of new hoses for the gas tank and hooked them up, along with the vent canister. Now I'm waiting for a bunch of goodies I ordered to be able to get her running, including the fuel neck, long battery cable to move the battery out of the engine bay (since I removed the cancerous tray), the exhaust gasket, etc. My fun money disappeared ever so quickly, and now I am at a loss for funds once again haha. I will update soon! She's almost back on the road! Then it's a bunch of tinkering!
  5. Question regarding wiring to steering wheel

    Thank you very much sir!! You're the man!
  6. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    You are the man!! That is the exact shot I've been looking everywhere for! haha it looks like I'm removing the dash to figure out where all went wrong though. Unfortunate! I'll be a pro at it in no time! Thanks man!
  7. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    I did a few days ago actually, It's all quiet on Z radio!
  8. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    Actually, After reviewing these two diagrams I think the wire goes between the speedo and tach and then to the left of the steering wheel. It looks that way from both of these, if somebody can give me a thumbs up saying this is correct I'd be very appreciative, thanks!
  9. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    just bumping the thread to see if anyone might be able to answer my question regarding the steering wheel wiring, I am at a loss.
  10. Question regarding wiring to steering wheel

    1971 240z, sorry sir! I guess I should put that in my signature haha. that would be awesome, I would assume that it would be the same?
  11. Would someone be so kind as to look for me and tell me which side the wiring comes out of for the steering wheel, left side of it or right side of it, that would be super helpful. I'm having trouble getting the reach I need and I think I installed incorrectly.
  12. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    couple of updates! I took off the exhaust manifold. That thing was perma stuck as it hadn't moved in years. I had to crowbar it off, I wasn't sure if there were bolts still stuck on it keeping it on but it was just super stuck. I also got all of the manifold bolts out without breaking any! I used the two nut method, tightened them on and used a hammer drill to back them off without snapping any. Stoked on that! I also got the driveline installed, easy enough! then I put in the pedals and steering wheel. Note: I would recommend this step before putting the dash back in, That was a pain, didn't quite think it through haha. cut off the old emissions piping to get to the nuts better. soaked these multiple times with magical PB Blaster and took a torque wrench to the bolts after a few days, Voila! Took a bit to loosen them up enough then finished taking them the rest of the way out with the hammer drill. Now to plug those bad boys up! then I took my time, cleaned up the ends of intake and exhaust manifold with a wire brush drill attachment, (The exhaust manifold to exhaust pipe side was interesting, the gasket had fused to the manifold over all the years so I had to scrape it off with a razor scraper first. then I also got new manifold bolts from Oreilly's (will switch those out later, but for anyone interested they're in a Ford exhaust manifold set, m8 1.25 both ends pretty sure.) as well as intake manifold bolts from Fastenal. New gasket from Zcardepot (I think, it's been a long time since I bought that) and tightened them by hand to around 22 lbs (I've read a few different actual specs, and I just guessed as I didn't have a 13mm in the 3/4 in size, which is what my torque wrench is. Probabaly will return to that one later). put on the carbs after a little refreshing and started re assembling all the pieces and taking off more emissions bologna! that's where I'm at now! Also, Big question! If anyone can look for me and tell me which side the wiring comes out of for the steering wheel, left side of it or right side of it, that would be super helpful. I'm having trouble getting the reach I need and I think I did something wrong haha
  13. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    Great suggestions on the smaller tubing, I'll ask in the other forum to get more insight as I'd prefer to remove altogether if possible but I am worried about flexing, thanks for your input!
  14. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    Can somebody tell me if I need to keep the cross members in my car for support, or am I good to completely remove these?
  15. Black Dragon Rubber Gasket Kit Installation Tips

    Not completely, I have the same problem. The trim definitely helped but they aren't completely sealed and it worries me as well. Same with the hatch window, and the rear of the quarter windows. I'll keep an eye on those areas and possibly put sealer in them if it looks like they're leaking. I don't know what else to do!