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  1. Jboogsthethug

    Arttu's 240Z Never Ready

    Man I don't know how I've missed this thread all these years! this is awesome, you are a talented fabricator, can't wait to see the finished project!
  2. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    Yes, sorry for the thread jack Omar! I'll allow you to resume your own postings.
  3. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    yeah makes sense, are those the bad dag rails or just some pieces you picked up from a metal depot? I have 1" x 2" bars I'm going to lay down instead of flat bars, so then I'm an inch off the floor. I think that will work better for my situation, as they will still be tied into the trans tunnel and the rocker for additional support.
  4. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    oh so you used just a flat piece of metal just as reinforcement, thats a pretty good idea! Have you had any problems with the bolts getting caught on things as you're driving? Thanks for the input on his setup, Getting your seats to fit just right is like a jigsaw puzzle ha. And my brother in law also is a music teacher, he really likes it! He actually just moved to Abu Dhabi to teach music at a school there, about 45 minutes from Dubai. I think his schedule is a lot less rigorous out of the states but last year here in Utah he was going non stop with the after school commitments. You music teachers go hard! I just barely figured out what your thread name meant and remembered you were a teacher. Man I shouldn;t be working on my car if it took me this long to figure that out haha
  5. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    Also, Omar, are you a music teacher?
  6. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    Do you happen to have any pictures of the setup you created? I'm leaning towards something like that probably. and interesting. I've never been to an event so I'm a bit on the outs as far as knowing how it goes in real life rather than on the paper. Thanks for the input!
  7. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    I realized I read the SCCA's rules incorrectly. In the SCCA's Appendix C.A.2: In the modified category specials you need it to be 2" above your helmet with something there to make sure your head doesn't go back behind the bar in a rollover, but in general application they basically want to make sure the bar is as close to the body as possible so nothing (arms, fingers, etc.) can get stuck between the bar and cage. That does make it easier ha. It clarifies this further in Appendix C.I: Making it clear that you are able to have the bar low enough to contact your helmet, but if it is it needs the foam. Sorry for the earlier misinformation about needing 2" between the head and roll cage.
  8. Jboogsthethug

    1978 Datsun 280Z RB25 Restomod

    Looking good! When you talk about the hole with the rubber grommet, are you talking about the hole on the top of the fender where the red meets the metal that you've welded in? If so, that was for an antenna, but I deleted that as well on mine. Either way killer job on that rear quarter! That is dang seamless! Also, did you buy the car from a guy who has a bunch of Zs or what? I noticed the other cars in the photo are also Zs.
  9. Jboogsthethug

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    ok interesting> I bought my motor/trans from a company here that pulled it out of a 240sx to swap in a 2jz, so they don't really know anything about it and they also don't have the contact info for the PO so I'm kind of stuck trying to figure it out ha. No kangaroo though, not that I've seen anyway. It is indeed toward the firewall, sorry the block of wood has a strap around it that is holding the trans in place as I build motor mounts. In the end, it fits and I do still have some room to push it even farther back if needed so that's the important part. Trying to identify the motor or trans has proven to be difficult though, as a lot of the tell-tale parts on the motor have been swapped for aftermarket parts and there doesn't seem to be much on the tranny. Haha I guess as long as the boot fits! thanks for the input, I'm probably going to scoot it back slightly more as I measured it and have about 2 inches between the firewall and engine, I'll put that back an inch and then have the shifter mounted slightly more centered in the hole.
  10. Jboogsthethug

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    ok so I thought I had the same transmission but I'm confused. Here are some pics of the fitment, I've got about an inch between the firewall and my engine, if that. And you can see my transmission shifter (not centered in the pic) is barely able to fit in the shifter hole without modification. Does this seem right to everyone else with their fitment?
  11. Jboogsthethug

    240Z Pro-Touring Build

    wait so will this be a quad master cylinder setup? one for each wheel? I've never even thought about this being a reality ha. interesting!
  12. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    I am 6' exactly and I've had the same problem. I am tryign to make it so I'll fit in the car and still be able to pass racing specs but I'm supposed to be able to have 2" between my helmet and a roll cage with a helmet on so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to make that happen. I worry about going too low because it becomes very hard to see what the duece I'm even doing when I'm so low ha. pain in the butt! I like the stock height too, but I know if I ever rolled it my head is hitting everything the roof hits ha.
  13. Jboogsthethug

    A musician's therapist (The $300 Z)

    nice man! You're pushing past me in the timeline ha, looking forward to the pics! I'm interested to see what you came up with. Also, aren't;t you like over 6' tall? You look pretty tall in the photos you've posted, how did you get the seats to work out on the original mounts without hitting your head?
  14. Jboogsthethug

    rb25/26 rear sump custom oil pans??

    good to know. All of this is really confusing to me ha. I mean, if I don;t have the windage tray perfect then will My engine blow up, do you know?
  15. Jboogsthethug

    rb25/26 rear sump custom oil pans??

    a couple really informative reads on building oil pans and the tech that goes into it http://garage.grumpysperformance.com/index.php?threads/building-a-custom-wet-sump-oil-pan.65/ https://www.chevelles.com/techref/ScreenInstall.pdf http://www.matrixgarage.com/content/how-diy-high-capacity-oil-pan-kit