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  1. tblracing

    240 260 280 performance and restoration parts

    PM sent re: brake lines. Thanks. -Phil
  2. tblracing

    WTB black replacement front seat cover

    Hey TI, Try looking here: http://www.blackdragonauto.com/icatalog/zr/t.aspx?Page=60 No affiliation, yada, yada. -Phil Slate
  3. tblracing

    The Green Hornet, The Joy Of driving, My heart & soul. A 240Z

    Terrific video! 1:39 at Laguna in a car with no aero is flat out flying...and that's with short shifting out of turn five for noise, freakin' incredible.
  4. tblracing


    I've watched this video many times and it's always enjoyable. Very nice driving.
  5. tblracing

    1975 280z electrical issue

    BlueZ31, I'm just pulling this outta my...er...well... Have you checked the air gap between the reluctor and magnetic pickup. If there are wires in the distributor check to make sure they aren't making contact with anything. Just some ideas. -Phil
  6. Just a quick suggestion, if you have a digital camera take lots of pictures of stuff before and during disassembly. Nothing worse than thinking "I'll remember where this goes" and then months later when you're putting things back together you're looking at that part thinking "what the hell is this!!??"
  7. tblracing

    Rear stub axle bearing source?

    GIGO on the url for Black Dragon in my last post, sorry. Anyway, here's the pic of the kit they sell for the S30. Cost was around $170 for both sides.
  8. tblracing

    Rear stub axle bearing source?

    Thought I'd add another possible source for rear wheel bearings. I ordered two "rear wheel bearing kits" from Black Dragon ( ) at $70 per side plus shipping. Haven't opend the box yet, which arrived quickly, 'cause there is oh so much to do before getting to the rear of the car. Will do so tomorrow and add pix.