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  1. Savage42

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    The opening in the housing just needs to be enlarged. I put the squirrel cage on top of the opening and used a scribe to trace out how much it needed to be opened and used a grinder to just removed the little amount of material so it would slide in. That was it.
  2. Poly and solid mounts are what I call "vibration enhancers", which is great when trying to find an annoying buzz or rattle (since it makes them REALLY bad & you can finally get rid of it), but for anything other than a race car, I stick with rubber, as well.
  3. Should be fine. Any modern “smart charger” designed for AGM batteries is good.
  4. Savage42

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    I would second everything said in the previous post. You must enlarge the hole for the Kia cage to fit and the electrical connector on my ‘78 280Z worked fine, as well.
  5. Depends on Group size, but typically.... Red Top - 38 lbs.....Yellow Top - 50 lbs.....Braille GU1R - 6.4 pounds and last MUCH longer!
  6. Savage42

    Lets see your V8 in your Z.

    LS6 / 4L60E in my '78 280Z
  7. 2 x Large short sleeve in New Silver Zip 34238
  8. Savage42

    R200 LSD clutches

    Been a while, but since I still have one set of these left, I figured I'd add to the thread with a current post. For some reason, I don't always get the email notification if you reply to the thread, so send a PM if you want/need a set.
  9. Savage42

    Quietest muffler for V8 Z?

    It's funny how we both used the same stretch of road in our videos!
  10. Savage42

    Quietest muffler for V8 Z?

    I posted pics of the setup in a previous post (above), but here is a video inside the car (pretty quiet with the whole car having dynamat on entire floor from firewall to tail light panel) and an external video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buv8BZUvj3c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heKu1qdrbzg It is quite and sounds good for only have a single stainless Magnaflow muffler with dual 2.5" inlet and single 3" outlet.
  11. Savage42

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I bought a hat & shirt back in the day, but seems time to buy more. While I may not frequent the site like I used to, but I did learn so much about building my 280Z-06 (LS6 power) since most of it was new to me coming from owning, building & racing a pair of 510s for 12 years before selling them and getting the Z. I still refer people to this site via FB, etc., so glad to see the interest is still plentiful. It is an amazing resource. Donation coming.
  12. The function and feel of my brakes is fine, just done like having the fluid messing up the paint in my engine compartment. Anyway, it wasn't enough for me to even notice, aside from being wet under the MC.
  13. Unfortunately, I did not. It took some driving and hammering the brakes to notice the small amount of fluid leaking from between the MC & booster. I called Wilwood and am getting it sorted out with a new rebuild kit.
  14. Looks like mine is leaking, too. Crazy that so many have that problem.
  15. Savage42

    Ls oil pan

    I have the F-body pan and added the Improved Racing (hinged) baffles and the crank scraper. Should be good to go and clearance isn't bad since I didn't slam my car.