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  1. 280z emissions problems

    Sounds like they actually do some inspection up there. Here they just look under the hood to make sure you have an engine. My EGR and evap were completely disconnected just like yours. If you just want to pass, I think you can just plug the egr valve into any port on the intake manifold and follow the diagram for the evap can. I'm not really sure about the "BPT valve." I'm pretty sure it has something to do with when EGR kicks in, but I don't know if it will have a negative effect on performance or emissions, but it'll probably get you past the visual just like that.
  2. 280z emissions problems

    What did emissions fail you on? I have to do Arizona emissions (Tucson) and had no real problems with my 280z with all emissions removed. I failed the second time, but that was because of the liquid oil coming out of the tail pipe... Post up your emissions sheet, that'll give us a better idea where to start
  3. 1978 280Z radio help

    Better diagrams here http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electrical.htm 1977 diagram (single large page - full color) http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/wiringdiagrams/F77ZCAR-WIRING1.pdf On the 77 diagram, I only see one speaker (upper right area), so I'm curious if the factory system is mono. I'll try and take a look at my stereo Saturday, but it's a 77, has a period aftermarket stereo, and is completely apart, so I don't know how much help I'll be.
  4. 280z still not starting!!!!

    From your first thread: Get rid of the filter by the pump. It's not stock, and causes more problems than it prevents. Autozone has a fuel pressure test kit you can borrow (it's a pretty large deposit) and you can put it inline before the fuel rail and make sure you're getting fuel to your injectors. Back to the basics: fuel, air, spark.
  5. what is this

  6. 280z still not starting!!!!

    I'm not sure what the resistor does, but based on the pictures it looks like the bands are red-brown-orange-gold, which would equate to a 21kOhm with 5% tolerance. A standard 1/4W axial resistor will probably work just fine there.
  7. I got smoke from the connector for my combination switch, so that's something to check. The full current of the headlights and marker lights (and turn signals?) all pass through that harness.
  8. Help NO START

    Filling the tank higher than the pump level should also do a good job priming it.
  9. This conversation has got me really interested in adding in some front caster angle. In the case where you moved the upper mount backwards, how did you accomplish that, and did your changes have any notable effect on the wheel's position in the wheel well? I came across this tidbit on ZHome about just moving the crossmember and lengthening the TC rod, but I'm worried that will move the wheel too far forward. Of course in any situation of moving the crossmember, engine mounts and steering changes will have to be made to compensate (unless I move the rack back an equal amount like I've seen some threads mention...)
  10. The headlight surrounds are FRP, or fiberglass reinforced plastic (so they're both)
  11. Fuel Rail Compatiblity

    IIRC I'm running a 280z fuel rail on a webbed 280zx intake manifold, so I don't see why the opposite couldn't be done as well. In my case, I have a motor pulled from a 280zx and the rail was cut in the process of removal so I had to scavenge from my original motor to make it work.
  12. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    The DP 535 is a 0.535" lift, correct? I think I can see why everyone is going for the big lift cams now.
  13. RB25DET Crank with no key

    If you disconnected the starter solenoid from all power and it still turns over, then yes it sounds like your starter has problems (or more specifically, the solenoid is probably stuck closed)
  14. ignition switch?

    It sounds like a relay may be sticking closed or has been jumpered to run all the time.