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    Looking for 17" wheels rbr, or rbx for my new 280z project let me know what you got by text 813-766-5261 Paypal ready.
  2. SOLD!

    interested please text me 813-766-5261
  3. S30 front sway bar mounts

    found some already thanks do.
  4. S30 front sway bar mounts

    Hey guys, long time I don't keep up with everyone here..looking for a pair of perfectly round pair of s30 front sway bar mounts let me know by text I can paypal you in seconds. 813-766-5261.
  5. Are you sure this will fit an s30 76 280z? Please text me I' intersted. 813-766-5261

    Hey guys, I'm back after almost 8 years been out of the Z fever, anyways looking for a complete 17" set for my new 280z turbo project, don' know where to get the best price on these, any tips?
  7. No sure what's going on any ideas?
  8. Need help guys. I purchased HID lights and purchased some relays but now I got no idea how to wire this up. Can someone here please guide me, or do they make a complete already made just plug it in harness for a 76 280z?
  9. pallnet fuel rail

    Not sure why I'm not getting any emails but if anyone has one please text me at 813-766-5261, no O rings just a regular one for my Turbo injectors.
  10. pallnet fuel rail

    OK guys after almost 7 years I'm back again...Looking for a pallnet fuel rail for a l28et please let me know. Text me at 813-766-5261
  11. I am no longer into the Z or car hobby sold everything a year ago, found these two amazing products today in my garage which I no longer need. Both are only about 10 % used. Por15 makes the best body shop products in my opinion. No longer need these take both for only $35 shipped to your front door. * Por15 straightline huge 34oz jar paid $50 * Por15 undercarriage rubberized black spray paid $24 If intrested please text me at 813-766-5261anytime as I don't log here as much anymore. Have a holly and happy Easter holidays. Thanks Juan.
  12. Actron cylinder compression tester

  13. New Craftsman air compressor shroud frame

    Bump...If anyone out there has a craftsman compressor this will be a good for a back up.. Free shipping.
  14. Actron cylinder compression tester

    Bump free shipping.