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  1. Single Modern Motorsports 27 Spline Stub Axle

    dibs you got pmd.
  2. 280z rear stub axels

    s30 280z are different from 280zx
  3. 280z rear stub axels

    Still looking let me know.
  4. SOLD.

  5. 280z rear stub axels

    Looking for a good pair of 27 spline 280z rear stub axles please let me know.
  6. 280z rear strut housings

    In great condition..Asking $275
  7. SOLD.

    All clean and freshly painted a pair of 240z front hubs with all new TEMKIN seals and bearings racers already SOLD.. Thanks, Juan.
  8. Delete

  9. SOLD.

  10. SOLD.

    Up for grabs a new pair of 27 spline checkerflag rear stub axles with new $50 upgrade long ARP studs and OEM new nuts. These retail for $830 plus shipping. ** SOLD ** If interested please let me know. Thanks J.
  11. Single Modern Motorsports 27 Spline Stub Axle

    You got pmd let me know.
  12. Hey guys looking for a pair of MM rear flanges 27 spline. Thanks, J.
  13. 240z front hubs

    Found thanks.
  14. 240z front hubs

    Guys looking for a pair of 240z front hubs for sale please let me know by texting me at 813-766-5261. Not sure why I can't get any emails thru here. Thanks, J.
  15. Putting a 1" wildwood master cylinder to go on my 76 280z with my new wildwood brakes . Question which size booster should I replace it with? From what year z?