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    240z project parts

    Thanks, Zetsaz.
  2. Hi everyone. I am new here. The more I researched about Datsun 240Zs the more I heard about Hybridz.org so I thought I give it a try and see if this community can help me select the right parts for the 240Z project I am hoping to start. I will not drag race with this 240z. It will be a street car but would like some power. I will be swapping the original motor for a 82 turbo motor with a F54 block and a P90 head. Thank you all very much in advance. Here are my questions. What differential would best fit a daily car with some performance with a 82' 280zx turbo motor? please explain why as I am not too fimilar with datsuns. I have just recently fallen in love with them. Since I will be swapping the motor what others parts I would have to change in order for the car to function perfectly. For example: wiring and etc. What are the most populer and good datsun 240z suspension swaps? Any brake suggestions? I am planning on changing the drum brakes in the rear...any recommendations? Basically my main concern is picking the best parts I can afford and find for a 240z I plan on getting. Best for a street use with some performance. Best differential, best brake system, best suspension. I will admit I dont know much about swapping motors and parts of the cars but I do love these cars. I am learning. Excuse me if I mix things up. Thank you all.