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  1. Thoughts on a rear end?

    Wow, that is a seriously impressive build! Also, thank you for the information! cheers!
  2. Thoughts on a rear end?

    Any popular swaps for the 240 as far as solid axle?
  3. I am wondering what rear end setup would allow me to support 700rwhp and hard launches at the drag strip reliably... i hear so many different opinions from using a R230 and custom cv/axles to a corvette IRS Swap. I have no rear end as the car sits right now, and one of the lower control arms is buggered so all options are open to me. Suggestions?
  4. R200 Handling Problems BetaMotorsports article

    What kind of rear setup should i use to handle 700whp/torque reliably? curious... should i go to a corvette IRS or Ford 8.8?
  5. So, i read up on the various different diffs available for swaps with the accompanying information and still couldn't find a answer to my question. My question is since from what i read the main point of diff failure is spider gears from a open diff, does that mean a welded R180 is as capable of handling 600ft/lbs of torque? because from what i read there was a limit, r180 was about 300 ft/lbs, r200 was 400+ and R230 is apparently retard strong. also, would a R230 reduce ground clearance? Would a clutchpack increase the amount of torque a diff could reliably handle? thanks
  6. Crap's number 2 - 280z 5.3

    wow he does not screw around. 3 posts and hes done.
  7. Gumby's ratsun 240z.

    I will take a closer look tomorrow, but I have yet to get under the car enough to take a close look, currently parked infront of my landlords garage (i am renting while i finish the last of this job, about 5 months then i go home, with the car). so no garage, currently sitting under a car cover out in the elements. i got a replacement strut assembly from the guy i purchased the vehicle from. Going to fix the driverside door lock mechanism tomorrow, nothing major can be done without my tools....
  8. AWD 240? insanity! but extremely cool, maybe a V8 with Independant throttle bodies?
  9. Engine ideas: 8's: L33 5.3L LSX (From 2005-2007 Chevy Silverado 1500's), VK56DE (from 2004-2010 Infinity QX56), VH45DE (from 2001-2006 Q45), or Small displacement V8 6's: 4's: will be back when i have time for more ideas.
  10. Gumby's ratsun 240z.

    So out of my league here, but yeah, that lower control arm was broken, i have a new one en route from the seller of the car, whom also is a member here. The mustache bar was custom, and he had a R230 diff and Z32tt Axles for sale when i picked up the car. i might of jumped to conclusions. However i am proud to say i backed off on bidding on that T56 and got out bid. So, there would of been a expensive mistake. I figured maybe one of you guys would have a cool idea for a swap and i should just wait till i have a well thought out plan. Thanks for the hand.
  11. So,i keep an eye on Kijiji and autotrader quite often, and whenever i see a 240z pop up i try to get in contact with the seller. and NEVER have i even so much as got a reply from maybe the past 4-5 sellers. Anywho i finally got in contact with a seller and was able to pick up this chassis for 2800$ CAD. No drivetrain. I am currently thinking about a L33 5.3 LSX swap. I believe the car is setup already to accept a R230 diff and supporting axles which should be more than enough for my purposes. I not a mechanic, in fact i am really inept. I plan on using this project to learn and save some money. i am a ticketed welder and my only for sure plan is to put in a roll bar. Everything else is going to take a LOT of research. If anyone has any suggestions, information or or ideas please post them!. I am working with a budget of about 10 grand CAD give or take. I will be doing as much as possible myself and only taking it to a garage on the advice from people like yourselves. Again, no set plan, just always wanted a 240z. Drive train ideas are welcome! Thanks for the hand. Notes for me: Comp Cams Big mother thumper
  12. Hey guys, i purchased a 1971 240z chassis with no drivetrain. I had a goal of doing a junkyard LSx Swap (L33/T56) and learning along the way. I am currently living in a densely populated area and found a R230 rear diff, and axles from a 300zx tt. Which i have yet to purchase, however i found on ebay that someone was selling a T56 near me and as the clock was at 20 hours i jumped on it. I have been reading more on transmissions, particularly the T56 and it turns out they are not all the same. ****. i am going to refrain from buying anymore parts until i have thoroughly researched them and get the thumbs up from people who actually know what they are doing. So, is this alright? am i screwed? did i get screwed? is this a fair price? wrahhhhhh