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  1. Hi everyone. So ! im looking for a cell well ( ive only really looked into ATL's but if anyone has any other suggestions, speak up!) to fit into my spare tire well. i was originally going to cut the spare well out but decided against it, id like to keep the metal in tact for the most part. Has anyone been able to use the original fuel door with a filler neck to connect it to a cell well? I've seen some pictures before but cant seem to find them anymore. I'm not super thrilled about having to pop my trunk hatch and filling up inside the car, plus i dont want the car to smell like gas if i decide to get clumsy during fill up. i was going to use my stock tank, but would like to run dual exhausts, so having a cell well and having it function like stock during fill up would work perfect. plus i threw away my stock 280z tank when i moved... *facepalm* it was rusted anyway, oh well. if anyones seen this or done this before, or have any experiences please let me know! thanks! fyi - going into a 75 280z w/LSx. mostly going to be a cruiser but may have some drag/auto-X days in it.
  2. boostfed

    Post Craigslist/Ebay links here- West Coast

    here's the new one. need most of this stuff gone!!! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pts/5778873015.html
  3. boostfed

    front drive accessory kit

    im in the same boat, im looking to do the f-body alternator bracket ( lower drivers side) with the fbody tensioner (passengers side head) with out power steering. i'm sure its been done before, i'll be adding Johns Car's A/C bracket as well. With the low alternator, not sure how the belt will be ran to the water pump and harmonic balancer... ideas?
  4. boostfed

    fix it or forget it? interior sheet metal

    Been looking at a couple of media blasters but there aren't many local to where I am in the Bay Area (California) who wouldn't charge an arm and a leg. Quotes for the interior and engine bay were around $1200ish. The interior were wire wheeled and sanded with a sanding disk. 1 angle fringed can only do so much, lol. Maybe I'll look into media blasting it again. For some reason. All of the local ones aren't really doing it anymore. I've heard that once you media blast, it'd be difficult to get all of the media out of the car.
  5. boostfed

    front drive accessory kit

    haven't tried a junk yard yet, i'll have to start looking around soon.
  6. Hey everyone, not sure how many have embarked on the journey of stripping their car completely down, but mine is down to just the shell. Was able to successfully remove the interior and original sound deadening , that was a pain in the butt. Looking to recoat the interior, but not sure if i should town it down to the metal or not. My 75 280z had enamel paint, and its just about the worst experience getting it all down to bare metal. all of the nooks and crannies of the 40 yr old car are terrible to get clean. anyone undertake this task? i'll post some pictures soon, but at this point i may just leave it be and start coating over whats there. I might scuff everything down but thats about it. Need to fix some rust holes here and there, but the car won't be driven in the rain. I live in california, so for the most part i'll be driving it on nice days. Probably going to do some rust treatment but thats just about the max. i feel like i'd be opening a can of worms if i strip/media blast everything down. Im hoping to keep the car for awhile ( at least thats what i'm thinking of, for now). anyone take ever sit in the same seat i'm sitting? Kind of tired of sanding and wire wheeling, don't think i'll ever perfectly get it down to bare metal. Would love to, but i just dont think its worth the effort at this point. Let me know your experiences! Thanks! top pic is prior to any sanding, sound deadening was already removed. bottom pic is how it sits now. not sure why the pics came out crooked, sorry, lol
  7. i have a set from a 75 280z , let me know if you'd like them!
  8. boostfed

    front drive accessory kit

    it might be easier to just piece one together, like you, i wont be building a race car. just a nice reliable cruiser
  9. Beautiful work!!! Mind posting the part numbers you used? I've been looking for something like this. Did you remove your spare tire well completely?
  10. Hello all, in need of a front drive accessory kit, anyone have any recommendations? most of the kits i've seen are fairly pricey. I bought an lq9 longblock that didn't include any front drive accessories, looking for something that works but wont break the bank. These cars tend to suck up some major cash, especially with a swap, haha. Thanks in advance!
  11. boostfed

    Rear gear Ratio Recommendations

    planning on running it with the r200 open diff? curious to see how it'll track without lsd. what power levels are you at?
  12. boostfed

    L33/TKO600 73 240Z

    worried about traction at all with a 225 series tire? youre definitely putting in some work!
  13. boostfed

    L33/TKO600 73 240Z

    very nice build , looking forward to seeing more progress. what are the specs on the wheels/tires? Post some vids of the exhaust when you fire it up, i too have been eye balling the cx kit.
  14. doesnt seem like JPN_garage has logged onto these forums for awhile, where did everyone purchase their kits? I'll be going with a v8 swap soon, any suggestions on spring rates? For me, comfort is most important. The car will se some track days but for the most part it'll be street driven. I'll likely get the coilovers in before the swap, so drive impressions to come soon when i purchase. OP: did you end up buying these springs?