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  1. rear panel for 280 zx 83

    does anyone know a source for a rear lisence panel replacement for 280 zx coup 2 seater thanks
  2. bent frame rail

    thanks - do you spray this on existing rust - or do i have to cleanit to the bare metal before spraying me to all my life in NC --- do you know anyone in eastern NC who does body work on 280 zx cars
  3. bent frame rail

    i appreciate the advice - more than you know - I told him to jack at the pich wield - but he said he knew waht he was doing - and then he bends it - i think he would have done more damage if he had continued - his intent was to cawl under the car so i stoped his job and decided to have it towed to a shop to be worked on - i guess it is possible the car could have fallen on him he did not break the metal - it's like he bent in the sqaure shape rail at the bottom - bent it out of shape with the end of his jack - it looked like the jack was bending the hollow rail before it could even lift the car I do not see any rust in this area - even after the bend i have no idea how to inspect inside the rail after this incident I looked under the car on the other side and I did notice a rust spot at the end of the other rail on the passenger's side near the rear - so maybe water has collected inside to of these sqaure rails over time I have a rust problem at the rear of the car from tailpipe exhaust over the years I'd like to find a good way to stop this rust - but I think I going to need a rear panel around the lisence plate If at some point the rails need to be replaced -- is there some source on this that someone can recommend - i have a 280zx 83 coup - orginal owner - 130,000 miles it needs body work and new paint job
  4. bent frame rail

    i had a mechanic to come over and look a 280zx and he said he needed to jack it up to look under the car and he jacked it up on the frame rail on the driver's side - this would ringht under - drivers floor board area and I bent down and watched this and saw the frame rail bending so i told him to stop well his jack bent in the bottom of rail - about 1/4 of an inch or a liittle more and left some marks on the rail - the side of the hollwo rial appear to be still solid and the the bend is about 4 inches long - it's basically an impression from his jack he never lifted the tires off the ground - if he was going to jack this way - he should have used wood to maybe the rest of the upper rail appears straight and level - only the bottom part next to the ground appears bent in and not level with the rest of the rail i did notice tha the door of the car seend to shut tighter - after this - but maybe that is just me noticeing things all of a sudden my question - should i be concerned about damage to the car - saefty wise - thank you for any assiatance i will try to take a picture and show you tomorrow