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  1. In Progress RB26 1972 240z

    Wow, lots of really nice parts! I can just imagine how much it cost you to get it to that point...It's not cheap! Sadly I agree with JSM, you will get hit hard for the vehicle being in parts.. Parting it out would be a crying shame... What were you hoping to get for it?
  2. Boost control

    Very thoughtful guide! I went the easy way out and took my car to ForceFed Performance in Abbotsford BC. They did my dyno tuning and overboost protection programming. They are the JZ/Rotary specialist for the NW in my opinion... I was very pleased with the numbers they produced with original Coil packs, injectors and turbo...
  3. Boost control

    Are there any choices to protect overboost other than fuel cut?...ie leaning out your cylinders?
  4. The attention to detail is amazing! The panelbeater is doing a great job. I have had some of the similar issues in the rear roll pan and hatch area. Took me a long time to get it done. I will be adding a build log eventually lol...
  5. 1971 Datsun 240z 1 owner car fully documented

    Thats too bad, thought ebay would have done something about that.
  6. ///M powered Z

    Very impressive build!... No expense spared.... that Acid dip must have cost a pretty penny. Close to 10k here in bc with all levies now
  7. High end is Turbo, Low end is NA.... That makes a difference! It really depends what someone is willing to pay for it I guess.
  8. 2jz swap questions

    I spent 10k just on motor/tranny swap (1jz/w58). $15k sound reasonable based on your expectations
  9. Wow, thats a lot of work to scrape the chassis. Looks good though!
  10. A nice V8 280z over on Bat

    I saw an RB20 S30 go for 14k on ebay. it needed paint badly!! Seems to me if you have a sorted swap, clean body and newish paint your looking to get 20k for your hybrid.
  11. A nice V8 280z over on Bat

    Its a shame that its only going for $3500... The last hybrid (L28ET) ended up going for $29000... It was already at 15k at this point in the auction... The paint is peeling back a bit..but its not too bad...The Install looks quite clean
  12. Very impressive and custom parts... I can just see the $$$ flying away lol... I thought my build was getting out of hand ha ha!
  13. Sound/Heat Insulation

    I used the Noico 80Ml product for my entire vehicle. It works really well and is a great value!!~