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  1. Hello Hybridz Members! Three piece spoiler for Datsun s30 240z 260z 280z Product is made from fiberglass with a flat black primer finish. Hence, spoiler is not a finished product ready for paint. This spoiler has 2 mount holes in center piece and 2 on each individual corner. It also has 2 threaded inserts in center piece and 1 on each individual corner.Quality and fitment are really good, all spoilers are brand new and never installed. some modification might be needed for perfect fitment. Price $280 shipped! - I can provide a discount for a group buy (5 minimum) Item ships from California* Local pick up available Payment: Paypal or cash for local pick up Any questions please feel free to send a PM Doesn't look like hardware is included. but threaded inserts let you use your own... look nice
  2. 74 260Z forged 363 (6.0L) swap lots of goodies

    Yeah for sure, I wonder if having it on this side of the border affects the price?
  3. 74 260Z forged 363 (6.0L) swap lots of goodies

    Why don't u put it on BAT?
  4. 74 260Z forged 363 (6.0L) swap lots of goodies

    very nice clean restoration. Good luck with the sale! 26,000 usd or cad?
  5. Looks Looks Rad man...Oh your a local Vancouver guy. Good to see some local s30s.
  6. 2jz Megasquirt help

    Well said, how many times have we re done something because we rushed through it LOL... I am at that " I want to drive my car" stage again..this time with body work..blah LOL
  7. Tim's 302Z

    Very nice compilation! I will be using some of these to calm my chassis lol
  8. Tim's 302Z

    Very nice work. Stoked to see the progress...So much metal work wow...
  9. I rebuilt my hvac system and are in the process of putting it back together ... Make sure you are getting vaccum by pulling off the "S" hose off the selector and feel it with your finger...
  10. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I kept my twins... No issues with clearance..I think some guys used 2j housings to help with clearance
  11. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Living in the PNW..I feel your pain with wet traction..but for Dry traction I ran R888...holy hesus was she amazing in the dry!
  12. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Oh, and I am using 1jZ bored out twins from driftmotion running 14 psi with 436 WHP.... fyi
  13. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Wider tires and an LSD REALLY REALLY REALLY Help. 255/40R17 Firestone Oval firehawks (summer) Mfactory LSD Makes a big big difference!
  14. 2jzge turbo later

    Its a great starting point. I would just buy that mount.
  15. 2jzge turbo later

    The cx racing kit for the R154 will require a bit of modification for the W58. It was pretty easy to do.