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  1. The slippery slope

    Porsche Aqua blue Mettalic M5R
  2. The slippery slope

    Very nice metal work man... I ended up just replacing my hatch, sil with new/used components in better shape. Saved me a lot of time and agony..just my 2 cents.. Im here now...
  3. Replacing dash with dash cover

    I restored my dash..I was about the same condition yours was. Cost me $100 in materials and I am very very happy with the results. I couldnt find a picture of the completed dash but here is the main foam and filler done.. SEM Texture coat and SEM trim black and it looks like new!!!
  4. The slippery slope

    I was in the same shoes as you man.... I ended spending almost a year of it on blocks...might as well..might as well..etc etc etc...nearly 6K in body work ( a lot done by myself) and now paint.... Its a slippery slope for sure. I am glad I did it but didn't realize how much it would actually cost to do it right...
  5. Gas Monkey 280z at SEMA

    That looks great! Nice to have unlimited budgets

    Drop an LS under the hood... Best bang for buck, reliability and awesomness!
  7. Mishimoto Radiator for 280z?

    I am running a Champion 3 row..works fantastically for a great price!
  8. Rx8 13b swap

    if you have absolutely no follow questions I am going to say YES, it is identical... Maybe u should compare differences
  9. The JZ is actually 45 lbs lighter than the stock L28.. I get it though...People will always work on whatever engine you want..just gonna cost you. Parts may be a touch more difficult to source etc etc. Sadly I do not have my old videos.. What I can tell you is it started first try... Amazed at how easy it was. I will be posting more up...just finishing paint right now.. Just laid down first coat today!
  10. I'm going to chime in here...... I was down the same road as you...and decided that its WAYYYYYYY too much work for me to reach 300-400 whp with the L28... So i dropped a 1JZ/W58 with a microtech lt12c. Took me 3 weeks, 6K and i was DONE and RUNNING...easy swap and part availability is super easy(same parts as 2JZ for the most part) I'm sitting at 383 WHP with 14 lbs of boost bone stock internals and turbos....
  11. Chat with Ihiryu on the forum. The BCs are wayyy better!
  12. Ill take your BC Coils.....
  13. Another thing I thought of is check your Battery Voltage. Make sure its not low, Lower voltage will cause a higher current to produce the same power. In addition fire up the pump and measure the voltage on the Fuel pump...If its low..check your battery, charging circuitry and possibly the connection you made with 14 to 10 awg. Do not use crimp connectors for connections like this. Solder connections.
  14. Ok, the Bosch 044 pump draws around 18A at full Load..so essentially a 20A fuse is cutting it a bit close. You need to size the fuse to protect the wire and the device. IF you use 10AWG the wire is rated for 40A, 14 AWG is rated for 25A. If you are popping this fuse there may be an underlying connection issue or a faulty pump. I would remove battery power and check the following: Resistance between the relay board contact and the fuel pump... This resistance should be very low (less than 1-2 ohms). If not, check wiring, connections If that is good check the resistance between the pump negative terminal and ground..If this is low then your ok, if not, check wiring, connections Check the resistance between the Relay board ground/neutral and the Pump ground/neutral. If this is not low, resecure the relay board to ground Remove the Positive and negative from the fuel pump and Relay board. Check resistance between the two wires. If this value is low you may have wiring grounding out or burnt through insulation... If you have any more wiring questions don't hesitate to ask.
  15. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    Very nice engine build man! Looking forward to progress pics...