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  1. pfcswag

    Tribute to PFC swag

    Do you know if i can swap all the '82zx drivetrain components, fan to rearend, without a lot of modifying.
  2. pfcswag

    Tribute to PFC swag

    I purchased a 72 240. Pretty complete. P30 with E88 head, manual 4 speed. Engine is missing a few components. Wanting to put a F54, P79, manual 5 speed combo in, for casual cruising. I have donor options, a 1980zx, (engine must have been swapped, I didn't think the F54, P79 came in that year). Car is in good shape, but has an automatic. A 1982zx correct transmission but had a hard front end collision. My question, can I or should I swap the complete drive chain, all the way to the rear end. Should I use my '72 4 speed and the better looking '80zx engine. This is my first z car and not sure what swaps without a lot of modification. I would also like to use the dual SU type carbs. In my search for donors I found a 1980 10yr anniversary model #561 red. In rough body condition. Another donor option.