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  1. 87mj

    240z Jute Pad

    Thanks for checking but I think I will pass. The stuff I am looking for is the 240z jute pad that looks like nasty brown horse hair carpet. Pretty disgusting looking actually. God only knows why I am wanting the stuff...
  2. 87mj

    240z Jute Pad

    thx. Looking forward to it.
  3. 87mj

    240z Jute Pad

    Yes I could. My car is very close to being 100% factory and I am sort of a stickler about that. It doesn't get wet so there is no moisture to hold. Plus I live in the rust belt in Indiana so I cant drive it in the winter even if I wanted to. So it stays in a heated garage waiting for spring that will never get here....
  4. 87mj

    240z Jute Pad

    I am looking for a driver side carpet jute pad for a 240z. Anyone? Thanks