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  1. I'm running a haltech ps2000 and will be going with the 585 coils as well. Where in MD are you? We will be moving back down there sometime soon (as soon as we sell our place up here)
  2. and I just realized I posted this in tech and not in the members builds...welcome to monday. Mods can delete this one if you'd like
  3. Hey guys, I know most of you probably don't care about who I am (if you don't already know me), but just for fun here is my intro thread that includes the last setup of this car. For those that don't feel like clicking, lets just say it was a FULLY built motor (heads and bottom end) with twin GT3071r's, lots of custom shit, and a haltech ps2000 EMS. That motor lasted me less than 200 miles before a dowel pin sheared and bent all 6 intake valves in my drivers side head, which brings me to this...Big Red v3.0... While building my last setup, I always (half jokingly) said that if anything ever happened to that motor I was going to drop in a VH45 and do twin rear mount 35r's. Little did I know...Big Red must have been listening and had an appetite for more power... After the gala where pistons met valves, I quickly parted my VG setup out and started collecting parts for a VH swap. For now, this will be a stock block VH swap, but eventually I will be picking up a second block to build fully forged. So far I have managed to gather the following parts: PerformanceVH motor mounts PerformanceVH oil pan PerformanceVH stage 2 regrinds Performance Springs Inc valve springs (95lb seat tension, 190lb at 10mm lift) PerformanceVH CNC exhaust flanges (2X) fp hta3586 turbos (essentially billet 35r's with Tial housings) on top of these parts, I will also be reusing a lot of stuff from my VG build. I already have the fuel setup pretty much good to go (minus rails and will need 2 more injectors) and the drivetrain stuff. I am running two stock TT pumps with -8an lines from the bulkheads to 2 compact filters then into a Y with a single -10 feed forward to 1000cc top feed injectors (will be bumped up to 1300's whenever the built motor goes in). Other side of the rails goes to a magnafuel regulator and a single -8 return. Drivetrain wise I will be using my HKS triple disc and Z1 platinum driveshaft that I had on the VG. Obviously this is not a complete parts list, and I still have some more stuff to buy, but the biggest hurdle has been crossed. Yesterday (7/24), after a few failed attempts, I finally was able to take the 6 hour drive (each way) and pick up my motor! The motor is a S1 VH45DE with 62k miles on it. It was pulled from a great running Q45 and was freshened up with a new timing chain kit and miscellaneous gaskets (the remainder of the full kit was included). Next up is the fun part...figuring out where to put the turbos and fabbing up the manifolds. I am thinking of either putting them behind the headlights, if they will fit, or under the core support and using a custom sized radiator. I will be using a treadstone vertical core FMIC with a 2 in 1 out and (for now) the stock intake manifold. Eventually I will be building a custom intake manifold as well, but that will probably not be until the built motor goes in. From this point forward this will probably be a kind of slow moving project, as we are in the process of selling our house and relocating, but I will definitely post progress as it happens, and at the very least I want to get the motor sitting in the car to see where I can put the turbos, and also start working on the wiring harness. The engine paint scheme will be mimicking my VG...gold and black. Valve covers and other random pipes/accessories will be gold, and the plenum and other small stuff will be wrinkle black. Anyways, enough chat...here's the good stuff...
  4. Hello guys, my name is Dave and I like long walks on the beach and staring into the stars at night....oh wait sorry, wrong forum....I am new to these forums (although I have bee a lurker for quite a while), but am a LONG time member on 300zxclub. That being said, it's probably pretty obvious that I I have a 300zx ( that just recently decided it wanted to give up on life...AGAIN)....So I am now doing what any sane man who has been through 3 VG30's does....take on a VH45 swap! (WARNING: LONG READ. SCROLL TO BOTTOM IF YOU JUST WANT TO LOOK AT PRETTY PICTURES) A little background on the car..I have owned it since 2003 when it was just a little baby 300zx...only mods were a cat back exhaust, an intake, and an FMIC. The original motor had just under 200k on it and was NOT well taken care of. Within a matter of months, it developed rod knock...so it was time to source a new TT motor. Found a "95" Jspec motor that had supposedly just been rebuilt (it wasn't), and tossed that in. When that motor went in, I also added downpipes, test pipes, a lightweight flywheel with a stage 3 6 puck spring hub clutch, a UDP, chipped the ecu, installed an SAFC, and turned the boost up to 15lbs (still stock injectors). It was fun and it was fast..but I always had aspirations for more fun and more fast. One day I decided that it was time for a little more, so I bought a set of JWT mild regrind cams. Tossed them in, started the car up, heard a clunk, and she stopped. After tearing the front end of the car down about 5 times in 5 hours, I finally saw what the problem was...the locator dowel on the PS intake cam sheared off causing the sprocket to spin freely, which also incidentally bent all 6 intake valves on that head. After a lot of cussing, an overnight shipping order for an OEM headgasket, and about 4 hours of work, I managed to remove the busted head (with turbo) off the motor while it was still in the car. The headgasket showed up the next day, so on went one of the spare heads I had lying around. The car ran awesome...for a little bit. Probably about 15k miles of boosting and beating the ever living shit out of the car,..while driving to my BIRTHDAY DINNER in 2008, smoke started pouring into the cabin through the air vents. Managed to park, eat my dinner, and limp it back home. Tore the motor apart the next day and saw that my entire PS bank had detonated itself to death. It turns out that the hade I swapped onto he motor had been milled quite a few times, and at the time I was not aware of differences in deck height causing differences in timing. So the PS bank had essentially been running leaner and hotter due to that, and eventually decided it wanted no more. Which brings us to a long 7 year build.... As soon as I saw the damage, I started ordering parts to do the ultimate VG build. Keep in mind, this all happened back before people were really pushing the envelope for high HP Z's...at that time, 650hp was amazing to see out of a Z, so naturally...I was going for 900. It took about a year and a half to get all the parts in, but it was a nice selection...eagle rods, wesico pistons, supertech full avlvetrain, JWT R5 cams, two garrett GT3071R-WG turbos, manifolds, a custom FMIC setup, HKS triple disc clutch, and the list goes on. Lots of custom stuff, lots of one-off stuff, and lots of expensive stuff. So all that gets tossed in the car, the haltech gets wired up, and we battle about 2 years ofeletronic gremlins. Finally said F it and built a full custom harness, problem solved. Got the car street tuned and wanted to put some miles on it before it hit a dyno. So fast forward to Tuesday...it's been a while since I drove the car so I wanted to warm her up. Let her idle in the garage, everything is nice and smooth. All of a sudden I hear a nice valve train rattle and the car starts missing...bad. Jump in, turn the car off, and start looking around. I see some oil pooling on the inside lip f the cam sprocket...not a good sign. I remove the DS timing belt cover, and it looks like the cam sprocket is pulling away from the head. Great. So yesterday I rip the plenum off, pull the valve cover, and everything in there looks good. All the cam caps are still torqued to spec, the cam looks intact, but looking down the lower plenum I can see that all 6 intake valves are bent...been there before. I look a little closer, and I can actually see that the cam sprocket is angled and not sitting right. So it looks like the cam actually sheared off at the sprocket in front of the first cam strap. Ensue even more cussing and hurt feelings. This ridiculously long and expensive build lasted less than 200 miles. So the decision was made...enough. I made two spreadsheets...one of stuff I can sell off this setup, and the other of stuff I would need to buy for a VH45 swap...it is a pretty good wash. So my proposed plan....source an S2 VH45...freshen all the bearings/gaskets up, timing chain kit, etc. Wesico stock bore stock compression pistons, PVH stage 2 regrinds with valvetrain kit, head work, 1600cc top feed injectors, and two hp fta billet 3582's....at this point I have already sourced the turbos, and will be on the way this weekend...the rest is all tearing this setup out and selling it (which isn't an issue, I already have buyers for almost everything). Anyways, here is what all you guys want to see: Onec I start collecting VH stuff I'll make my own build thread for it and keep it going! Anyways, HI!