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  1. Oh boy, coz i have seen multiple posts are looking for 280zx parts. And i know that 280zx is required to go thru the smog check aka emission test in California may be it is also a reason why the market is small? coz at least i know that i need a cf body parts lol...
  2. I'm just curious, how many Z's lovers are sourcing a carbon fiber parts for your 280zx car? there are not much parts for 280zx specially carbon fiber parts. (well technically there are none.)
  3. I just wondering anyone would be interested in a z32 aluminum calipers front and back. Technically I would like to sell. those calipers have been rebuilt and I have not yet paint those calipers. If someone is interested, please email me. [email protected] please put z32 calipers as a subject.
  4. Yes. Fuel system and turbo selection are too wide. Not sure which is the best for me. I just want something alittle bit over 400whp. not much. And base on what i know. Assume i'm at the sea level and 14.7 psi, and my car without the turbo and it is a 3.2 stroke then I assuming i will get somewhat 180 on the wheel. which means 180/14.7 = 12.2448980 WHP per 1 psi. So let say if i want 400whp, then i will need 400/x = 12.2448980 >>>> 400/12.2448980= x >>>> x= 32.6666666. since im at the sea level, the psi is 14.7 then 32.6666666-14.7 = 17.9666666. So with the math i have done that tells me I need 1.2 (18PSI) bar extra to reach 400whp. well language is to communication. we are not doing billion or trillion business deal. So as long as I understand and you guys can pick up what im saying that i guess it is a good communication. I kind of want to display my car in those auto show and see. But I guess i need to make my hand dirtier before i reach that level.
  5. Thanks Those small things are what I'm missing. I have talked to rebello Dave thru email, and he has asked his son to talk to me when he come back. Will see what turn up next.
  6. I'm new to the states + this forum. So if there are grammar mistakessss please forgive me. I brought a 280zx datsun 2+2 with T-top back to Jun/ July. I'm actually restoring the entire car. At this point I have almost stripped the entire car except the steering system and the wiring. My goal for the car is 450 WHP around there. Purpose of the car is just cursing, might want to turn it to a show car not sure yet. What I have done is 1- I got a S13 tranny with the following spec. FS5W71C 1st: 3.321, 2nd: 1.902, 3rd: 1.308, 4th: 1, 5th: 0.838 2- I did send in my engine to rebello racing. Dave and Brian are awesome. They have walked me thru lot of detail information and they are really professional. 3- ACT 6 sprung 240sx clutch Engine L28 3.2L setup they will rebuild the entire engine for me. What I'm planning to do are the following. 1- get a turbo setup a. huge turbo selection what turbo should I go with? Precision? Garrette? WB? b. what feul injector should I use? I have seen someone use 440CC inject that bring the beast to 400 plus HP. ( I just read that online) c. Fuel pump - what fuel pump should I get? d. megasquirt ECU. I have sent email to MS and the following info is the quote. I'm not sure should I get everything I need you guys advise. -------------------------------------------------------Quote starts ------------------------------------------------ $385.00 MS330-K: Megasquirt-III kit with V3.0 PCB $105.00 MS3Xpander: MS3X expansion card $59.00 JimStim-K: JimStim Stimulator kit $17.00 StimPower: JimStim power supply $79.00 MSHarness: 10' main board wiring harness $79.00 MS3X-Hrn: 10' MS3X wiring harness $22.25 IATwPiggy: Intake Air Temperature Sensor $9.00 38NPT-Bung_A: Aluminum bung for IAT sensor (Also available in stainless steel) $6.95 MS3TuneCable: USB communications cable for MS3 $762.20 Subtotal without wideband And here’s a quote for a pretty complete system with the ECU/Stim assembled: $659.00 MS3X357-C_BL: Assembled Megasquirt-III V3.57 with MS3X $95.00 JimStim-C: Assembled JimStim diagnostic board $17.00 StimPower: JimStim power supply $79.00 MSHarness: 10' main board wiring harness $79.00 MS3X-Hrn: 10' MS3X wiring harness $22.25 IATwPiggy: Intake Air Temperature Sensor $9.00 38NPT-Bung_A: Aluminum bung for IAT sensor (Also available in stainless steel) $6.95 MS3TuneCable: USB communications cable for MS3 $967.20 Subtotal without wideband The wideband oxygen sensor system is optional, but a very useful tuning tool. We carry the Innovate line. Wideband Options— $189.00 LC-2 without gauge (you can still view real-time AFR and datalog AFR through your laptop) $209.00 MTX-L digital gauge system $219.00 LC-2 with DB digital gauge (available in red, green, or blue) $259.00 LC-2 with G series analog gauge $349.00 LM-2 basic data logger with one sensor $479.00 LM-2 deluxe kit with one O2 sensor $669.00 LM-2 deluxe kit with two O2 sensors -------------------------------------------------------Quote ends------------------------------------------------ 4. I will get a S13 BC coilover with 10/8 setup 5. Im thinking to convert the break to Z32 brake but I have seen some thread that S130 stock break will do the job so I'm not sure. I need opinion. 6. I do want to convert it to 5 lug nug so i have a better clearance to install a bigger brake rotors and calipers. If #5 works. 7. I will refurbish the gas tank. 8. I going to get a 190 mig machine and I'm planning to do some fab works. Like bumper, and a plate to install under the car to prevent scratching the bottom. 9. I want to relocate my exhaust route. I want it to come out either right under the license plate (Mclaren look) or at the side right behind the door. like the Viper. 10. Since, it is a t-top i might just weld a aluminum plate to cover it or i will make something creative to look nice. 11. I will make a touch sensor for both door, trunk to open the door. Which mean door handle will be shaved. ( I'm planning to make my own door as well since the stock doors are very heavy. But i'm kind of stuck with the window. 12 I will fab my own mirror. 13. Should I convert my differential to R200 3.9? 14. will throw in a set of racing seat. 15. I want to rewire the entire car coz the wiring right now looks ugly because I do have obsessive-compulsive disorder. I want everything looks nice and clean. one little thing gone wrong I will feel extremely uncomfortable. Will update if something is missing. Please feel free to drop and comments.
  7. how about the MAF? I just got my datsun couple days ago. And I have gotten a new batteries. When I start the car, it does not crank. Im not sure why, this is a project car and it is kind of like in a bad condition. I Have brought a new MAF and clear the throttle body, and I spray some start fluid. It does start. But there is not cranking noise.