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  1. So far I am. I will have a better answer for you after this season as I haven’t launched this thing at the track yet. A couple notes on it: One of the diff mount holes was misaligned, I could only thread in 7 of the 8 cover bolts. They gave me $100 off, which I though was fair. A bit of grinding/welding for any custom part doesn’t bother me much as long as customer service works with you. Had to clearance the mount near the inner CV joints I’m running DSS axles, part #’s listed in earlier post Front mount updates Zcardepot rolled out a new front mount after I installed my kit, they offered me the updated one for $50 Large washers needed between front mounts and diff DIY or buy these: https://www.fordpartsgiant.com/parts/ford-insulator_f3sz-4b424-a.html
  2. Rotisserie Measurements

    5-6" above the bumper mounts seems right. Build in adjustability though to dial it in. I didn't bother to chop and raise the engine stands and could achieve a pretty steep angle.
  3. I cut the tunnel open to get the trans up as high as possible, but it isn't required.
  4. Well it runs and drives! I was covered in media material after the first drive, but well worth it. Doing a 4 wheel alignment in the garage this week and plan to hit the drag strip Fri and maybe an autocross Sun
  5. Making progress, I was in CA for all of June, so that slowed me down a bit. The engine/trans/diff are in and mounted. I was able to mock the headers up with the engine in. I was only able to thread 7 out of 8 bracket-to-diff mounting bolts. Zcardepot said they had never seen this before, we settled on a $100 refund. Driveshaft and CV axles are on order from Driveshaft Shop, now it's on to wiring and getting fuel to this thing!
  6. I'm using the CX racing LS swap kit (comes with engine and trans mounts, headers, y pipe, and exhaust if you want, but I just got the y pipe), but havent test fit anything yet. Members Crapforum and jz 90 are using a TR6060 with the kit. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/121732-cx-racing-kit-ly6-tr6060-build/page-3
  7. 8 Gallon. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/abt-171115
  8. They are through-floor, 1x3 tubing.
  9. Lots of parts going together. Floors and connectors are done, Sparco R100s mounted, front suspension has been mocked up and the wheels clear. Not sure my rear wheels will ever show, so I went ahead and ordered some 15x10 Aeros and Mickey Thompson 26x12x10's. Hopefully it will be off to get a roll cage soon.
  10. Dang, thanks for the response, and yes I cannot agree enough with your posts. It seems people may have better luck going through Summit/Jegs, but if the custom backspace isn't listed/offered, then you're back to working direct with WELD. I will not be ordering another WELD product. For others' reference, here's a snippet of Nelsonians WELD experience. "I called one last time to Weld Wheels to once again inquire about the weights and width availability of the GT-S series wheels and was told by the lady who answered in a slightly gruff demeanor that the sales rep Deanne would get back to me. No response once again, so that makes three calls in more than a months time with no call back or email. All I wanted to do was gather info and buy some forged wheels from them, but now they can kiss my A_ _. I will wait until I have another wheel manufacturers purchase in place then send Weld a polite email explaining how happy I am to have found out how their customer service or lack thereof really is before I shelled out my hard earned money to them as well as give full credit to their top notch sales rep Deanne."
  11. Anyone else have issues with WELD Racing taking forever to ship wheels? I ordered a set of 17x11 S71s over 4 months ago and they've yet to ship. Their customer service has been less than stellar, no email response and anytime I call they give me the run around...
  12. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Ladams, I'm definitely in the market. If Spitz makes a "production" run of his kit, I am in. That said, I think anyone who makes a durable, straightforward 8.8 kit won't have a problem selling them. Zcar is the only one providing kits right now (that I'm aware of), and the website shows Out Of Stock.
  13. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    166mm center to center. The mount holes are 12mm diameter.
  14. I guess I don't see a big difference in the design of the LCA and TC rods, others seemed quick to dismiss the CX stuff tho...whatever. Update on build - floors are out and 1 of the 1x3 subframe connectors is in. Also ordered a set of WELD S71B wheels in "low pad height", which should clear the wilwood front and stock Z32 rear brake calipers. http://www.jegs.com/p/Weld-Racing/Weld-Racing-RT-S-Series-S71-Low-Pad-Black-Wheels/1355959/10002/-1 The Z32 TT brakes and hubs showed up. Unfortunately RockAuto lists Raybestos 711011 (Timken 511011) as a TT hub/bearing assembly, it definitely is not. The axle flange wouldn't fit into the bearing. Did some research/measuring and turns out I'm not the first to find this out. RockAuto told me multiple times "the part is listed correctly" and wanted nothing to do with fixing the real issue. The TT hubs are harder to find and more expensive. Ended up going with Z1 motorsports for the 46mm I.D. hubs. https://www.z1motorsports.com/rear-hub-and-rotor/nissan/new-oe-rear-wheel-bearing-300zx-z32-p-3700.html