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  1. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    I believe that problem is the tps though, so I will be testing and possibly purchasing on of those.
  2. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Well, I have the car running at 800rpm at idle now, was a combination of timing and the fact I found a throttle set screw. Still having problems with it on the road, in my garage the throttle is fast and runs fine through all rpms. Under load, the car gives out at 2k rpm, no power and seems to stumble a little.
  3. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Alright, I think I may have found the problem. The block breather, the metal part that goes into the block is very loose. Is there supposed to be a seal or is it just supposed to be a tight fit? I can wiggle mine around with ease.
  4. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Still have the pcv system.
  5. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Here's the current picture
  6. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    I also have the idle air adjustment screw back.
  7. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Intake gasket is brand new, afm has already been tested and is fine. The tps though doesn't seem to change anything when adjusted, how would I test the tps? Distributor cap and rotor are brand new asite well.
  8. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    This is an MSA 60mm throttle body.
  9. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    Engine bay
  10. 76 280z, low idle, low vaccum

    I have a 76 280z l28. A little about the issue, car does have a slightly larger cam .450 lift, 270 duration. Pallnet fuel rail, 210cc injectors, deleted most of the emissions items and made sure to cap off all vaccum lines. Timing is right athere 15 degrees, any lower and it will die out. I'm only getting 5in of vaccum at idle, and wot I'm getting about 10-12. Idle stays are 500rpm cold or hot. Running a little better when warmed up but not much. Fuel pressure is at 35psi and I have the stock rising rate regulator. Engine stumbles at first when the intake is opened. Could use some help if anyone has some ideas.
  11. Won't start after fuel rail upgrade

    I didn't do as much research as I should have lol. I went with cressida injectors which I thought would be fine, I was thinking they would regulate but I didn't even think about the fact there's no oxygen sensor lol. Just a bit of mistakes for my lack of research. Now I will have injectors if I ever want to turbo this z. But hey! At least my carpet kit arrived and the new seats, interior is almost done so that's a plus.
  12. Won't start after fuel rail upgrade

    Well they workish, I havery already ordered new injectors as these ones are 330cc and my car currently runs like poop with them. Thank you for your reply though, luckily I had read that article prior and already have a set of those injectors on the way. Unfortunately I had to change my injector plugs again lol.
  13. Won't start after fuel rail upgrade

    Alright guys. This was all my fAult, I was being lazy and zed you were correct. I took on the assumption that since my car was running before the project that my timing was good. The distributor was 90 degrees out from tdc. Threw the plugs on to match the rotor and bam! Fired right up! Of course I will not be leaving it like that but I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped and had suggestions. I was so frustrated, but it's because I was taking shortcuts. Thank you enough! Especially NewZed for being so persistent with helping me.
  14. Won't start after fuel rail upgrade

    Tried spraying some starting fluid into the throttle body while my wife was turning the car over. Boom!A nice fireball right back at me, usually I would assume this would be a timing issue, but I've made sure my plugs and timing are set more times than I've tried starting the car. I'm at a loss, I have no idea what else to try. I've never had this much problem trying to start a car.
  15. Won't start after fuel rail upgrade

    Alright so, I'm not very good with electrical. Imy trying to test my ignition coil. Imy reading the same voltage as the battery on the positive and negitive ground test for the coil.