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  1. Kinda big....imo See enclosed pic, this is what I have. ( carbed L28, dual Webers) good torque, I can cruise at 5th at less then 40mph at just over 2200 rpm Explosive mid range, starts off at 3300 rpm+- and doesn't quit. wouldn't consider or want anything bigger for street use but that's just me. With your triples...I would be afraid that it will not be very street friendly.
  2. tzagi1

    260z 2+2 Windows

    Tons of them on ebay, quite cheap.
  3. tzagi1

    280z/zx harmonic balancer

    Need one, must be reasonable.
  4. tzagi1

    Getting rid of that rat smell

    An ozone generator is your best friend here, you can build your own for peanuts, a kit on ebay is less then $20, you will need a case (50 bmg ammo can works perfectly) and one 4" fan, ($10+-) 15 minutes of operation will be more then enugh to get rid of just about anything.
  5. tzagi1

    Window Regulator rolling piece

    They are easier to find then you think..I got a few spares if interested [email protected]