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  1. Located in NJ. Kit is on a 76 280z which runs and drives. Sale includes a clean titles 1981 280zx turbo and a ton of extra parts including 3 manual trans one of which I'm 99% sure is a T5 but its in the 280zx so I'm not 100% sure. Let me know if you have questions https://southjersey.craigslist.org/cto/6071332602.html
  2. HE351 good deal?

    Now that I landed my l28et donor I'm keeping an eye out for a holset. Found a turbo from a 2006 dodge 2500, I believe that makes it a HE351. If I can snag it for $150 and its doesn't have play would it be worth picking up? I was planning on going either HY35w or HX35w. From what I understand there isn't all that much of a difference between the HE351 and the HY35w.
  3. Glad he didn't, the turbo was a deal for sure. The other one the guy has thats non-turbo has an awesome body with really good parts, I just have no use for it.
  4. Parting 81 280zxt in NJ.. no engine

    Here are a few shots
  5. I found my donor finally.. Had been looking almost everyday on forums, craigslist, and ebay since starting his post. Finally found a guy about 90 miles from me with 2 z's for sale one of which was turbo. He was hoping to sell both as he needed them gone. I made him an offer on just the turbo for a fast pickup, cash, on a trailer. Shook hands well below what the junkyard guy wanted. Plus this car runs, has a title, and is in 10x better shape with tons of usable/sellable parts. Very happy the junkyard deal fell through, but sad a perfectly good turbo motor is rotting away in tall grass.
  6. Parting out a donor I picked up for engine swap. I'm keeping the motor, 5spd, wire harness, ecu, etc. But everything else is up for grabs. Should start taking it apart as soon as the weather breaks here in NJ. Let me know if you need anything, all the parts are pretty nice, even has a body kit and spoiler. Everything will go on south jersey craigslist or ebay soon, but wanted to give you guys first stab at it.
  7. Glad I didn't get that car/engine.. looking back on it, it was coming out of a junkyard with no title or anything. It was at a premium price, guy was a jerk, and I knew nothing about the history. I could have had a car shipped from seatle to NJ for about the same price as what that guy was asking. I've already found a few leads for running cars in better shape at lower prices with title.. so I guess it all worked out.
  8. L28et wanted in NJ

    Lead fell through, shipping ended up being more than it was worth. Looking at another car I'd need to have shipped but this one is closer and hopefully realistically all in would be around $1,200. If anyone has anything cheaper I'm a serious buyer, not worried about the body or anything else really.. just looking for a solid, preferably running, engine. The one I'm looking at now has a rusted out frame, but most of the other parts look to be ok. Its a 5spd which is a bonus.. if you have something better I'm ready to move on it asap.
  9. Very loud headers..

    Following up on this in case someone searches and has the same problem. The headers where not perfectly lined up to the block. They were somewhat tilted (lower in the front higher in the back. It was hard to notice with the intake manifold in the way. It was so loud because 1/4" was exposed directly to the exhaust ports on the engine. Lined them back up and now it sounds just fine, louder than stock but in a good way.
  10. L28et wanted in NJ

    I have a lead on a car I'll need shipped which looks like will cost me $1,350 all in. Still a serious buyer here if anyone has anything cheaper
  11. Went to go have the nice guy in the yard pull the motor for me. The jerk was there again, used a ton of profanity and while speaking to the other person in the yard said something along the lines of "[email protected]#$ that guy, I'm selling the f#[email protected] car". The nice person apologized and I gave them my number and said to give me a call if anything changes. I'm just gonna take this as the universe saying I shouldn't get that motor. Something else will come along.
  12. One of the fusible links looks to be shot. Going to work on getting that replaced and try again. Thanks
  13. Sorry, nothing was working so I ran direct power to be sure it works, which it did so I disconnected the direct line to try to figure it out.
  14. I've bypassed everything to the battery to be sure pump is working as it should. If I just turn the key I'm getting no power. If I put the key in the start position and push the flap on the AFM I hear the relay click but the pump doesn't run.. Thoughts?
  15. L28et wanted in NJ

    Willing to buy just the engine or the whole car. Looking to swap into my 280z.