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  1. I have been reading a ton on this site and am ready to post wiring directions on the combo switch for those of you using an EZ Wiring harness. There may be some differences between what model combo switch you have; the one I am working with is off of a 260z and has a 9 pin wiper connector. Some of you may disagree with my wire labeling; well you are wrong; I got it from a guy who restores the combo switches and has done so for over 2 decades. I am going to trust his info and my success with wiring. You will notice a few changes in my chart than in previous posts by other members. Again, I know mine works and has not been altered in any way from the original Datsun wire colors and functions. Let me know if you have any questions. I am running a full LED lighting system around the car. 260z Combo Switch to EZ Wiring Harness.pdf
  2. Kevin, as soon as I can I will send you some pics of the 240z. If I sell them separately, it will be more than a grand a piece. As for interior on the 240z, I would go with an animal was living in the inside of the car, so the interior is absolutely unrestorable without replacing everything. The nice thing about getting the 260z as well is that it has a very usable interior for the 240z. Plus those carbs are worth something!
  3. I am working on purchasing two roller cars, one is a 240z with a 280z engine already in it, the other is a 260z with carbs. The 260 has a usable interior, the 240z has a terrible interior. I am located in Wisconsin, would you be able to tow them away? I would sell them for a grand a piece.
  4. Saxofonist

    Body Shop in Southern WI or Chicago

    Hi Will, I live in Madison as well. I recommend Stoughton collision for any body work. If Jeff is too busy, I would ask him who to go to. There is another guy in the Stoughton area that Jeff would know that could do what you are looking for.
  5. Anyone out there have a rebuilt OBX differential that they are willing to sell me and will fit in an R200 longnose open differential? I appreciate the help! My Best, Adam
  6. Saxofonist

    OBX Differential for R200 Open Diff to LSD Conversion

    I have a fully rebuilt R200 Longnose already in the car. I have a race modified sbc350 and I am very worried about sending all that power to one half shaft. I have been looking on ebay, and even messaged a seller who then told me it would NOT fit the longnose open R200. I will keep looking, and I will take a look at the MPower and Quailfe diffs.
  7. Saxofonist

    OBX Differential for R200 Open Diff to LSD Conversion

    Maybe the question I should have asked is, Where do I purchase an OBX differential for an Open R200 Longnose? I have looked all over the internet, but am a little skeptical that what I am seeing will work with a R200 Longnose. If you have any tips for me, that would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. I have some blue and white interior pieces, including two ultra rare blue door panels. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Saxofonist

    WTB Wooden 240z steering wheel

    If that didn't work out for you. I have two for sale. email me at saxofonist @ aol.com and I will send you some pics of the two steering wheels.
  10. Saxofonist

    350Z seats installed in my 240Z

    How did you get the rails apart? I am about to attempt your exact seat modification, but I can't seem to get the sliders off of the rails. Can you explain how you accomplished that feat? Much appreciated!
  11. Hello my fellow Datsuneers, I am trying to plug in my EZ wiring harness to the ignition switch in my Datsun 240z. The problem is, I don't know what wire should go to the resistor tab. Any clarifications on what wires go to what specific contact point on the back of the switch? Telling me the wire colors is not going to help as I have no original wires from the Datsun left. Just the 5 prongs on the back of the switch that I need to connect the EZ wiring harness to. Any help?
  12. Saxofonist

    Fake or Real Nismo Seats

    I bought 350z power/heated leather seats instead of the fake nismos. Now I need to figure out how to wire them up.
  13. Saxofonist

    Fake or Real Nismo Seats

    Hey fellow Datsuneers, Please take a look at the attachments and let me know if you believe these seats are real, or fake. Thank you for your help!
  14. Saxofonist

    Fiberglass top for a Vello Rossa

    Escaladess, do you have any pictures of the fiberglass tops that you purchased? Are you open to possibly selling one? I have a plan to make a roof for the car, but I might forgo that plan if a top is already available and if I think it would match my build. Again, love to see photos of the roof.
  15. Saxofonist

    EZ Wiring Datsun Ignition Switch (no harness)

    Yes! but I need the pins labeled as to what wire goes where. Since I am using a aftermarket wiring harness, the original wire colors will not help me. I talked with a guy at EZ Wiring and he said to just ignore the resistor pin and plug the rest of the wires to where they need to go. Am I going to be okay without plugging into the resistor pin? Also, there are two wires hanging separately right next to the ignition. What do they connect to?
  16. Saxofonist

    Locking an LSD vs Open R200 Diff

    I am a newbie. In the process of building a Velo Rossa out of a 240z. I have a R200 open differential already installed, but the driveshaft is not in yet. I have a racing buddy, who has an extra limited slip R200 differential that he wants to keep, instead of sell to me, as he may need a differential in the future. He locks his differentials, to the point that one wheel will bounce when you take a slow turn. Is there any reason my friend would rather lock up a limited slip diff versus an open diff? I would assume it is way easier to weld the open diff than to weld the lsd. Your thoughts?
  17. Saxofonist

    Locking an LSD vs Open R200 Diff

    Is there a reason to prefer shimming a LSD vs welding an open diff?
  18. Saxofonist

    Fake or Real Nismo Seats

    I will check tomorrow. They said these seats were pulled out of a '69 Firebird, which makes me think they are total replicas. I will take a look at them and if they are built with a metal frame, and the price is right, I will probably get them for now.
  19. Saxofonist

    Fake or Real Nismo Seats

    The question then becomes, what are they worth and are they safe? I will check them out tomorrow after work.
  20. Newbie post here that I am sure is covered somewhere else. I am wondering what holes you guys have used to transfer the engine wiring from the cabin (where the fuse box will sit). I bought this 240Z with it half restored from Wagz and I already pulled all of my wiring as I found I used the two holes for the heater core. arggg. I can't tell you how far I was with the wiring, but now I am back to square one. I am considering using the two holes that are on the far driver's side of the firewall. But there is a third hole just to the right of the hole for the throttle cable that I am considering as well. Anybody out there have any advice for me? Thanks for the assist!
  21. Saxofonist

    EZ Wiring Harness location

    I think the previous owner sealed up that hole when fixing the rust by the battery box. The other unlabeled holes in your picture, might I be okay using one of those? Well I won't use the throttle cable hole, that is for sure. Thanks Casper for the help!!!!
  22. Saxofonist

    Fiberglass top for a Vello Rossa

    Time to Revive this old thread... I am curious if the fiberglass top was ever finished and if the molds are available either for purchase or for use? I have one of John W.'s Velo Rossa's and I would like to put a new roof over the roof that was cut off to fit the kit. Anyone have any GOOD ideas? -Newbie2theVRclub