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  1. SloganVZ

    Did I get Taken?

    No not a Salvaged Title. Never been in an accident from what the previous owner has said. I took my trusty magnet to it and couldn't find any bondo and nothing so far looks wonky as far as body panel gaps.
  2. SloganVZ

    Did I get Taken?

    The builder is a local engine shop that has been in business over 20 years. Its bored .30 over.
  3. SloganVZ

    Did I get Taken?

    So I checked all carpets. No rust. Old Owner says it has been a California desert car all its life. Doglegs need a little attention but nothing serious. Replacement dash is in great shape.
  4. SloganVZ

    Did I get Taken?

    Hey Guys! I just bought this 72 240z. I paid $3k for it. The motor is a fresh rebuild L24 and is still on the stand in the engine builders shop. It has a 4 speed that it is coming with and a replacement dash. Did I get taken at that price? I thought it was decent but I asked in a FB group and everyone is telling me that I way over paid. Either way it is done I was just wondering for piece of mind.
  5. SloganVZ

    72 240z. And it begins....

    Does this work?
  6. SloganVZ

    New Z

  7. First car project ever. I'm torn between a restomod feel or just straight restored. Original L24 is freshly rebuilt and on a stand. http://imgur.com/a/x60co
  8. SloganVZ

    TVR Speed 6 Swap?

    All valid points. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth guys. Guess I'm off to look into a S54.
  9. SloganVZ

    TVR Speed 6 Swap?

    So I'm buying a 72 240z roller. Has anyone done a TVR Speed 6 swap. It could be so cool. 4L inline 6 at 390hp. Sounds like a blast. One is for sale on eBay UK for like 3750 GBP. So like 5k USD.