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  1. Is this still for sale. Very interested
  2. My distributor is a Holley 600 Cfm.. I'm still waiting for the shop to reply back to me..
  3. If anyone that lives in southeast Wisconsin that can help me. I'm willing to pay. My location is Sheboygan wisconsin
  4. Yes the shop set it and this is a new carb too. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/94x94q90/c/r/923/Os7lXA.jpg
  5. Right now it at tdc and even if I advance the timing it still gets red too.. I'm so lost right now.. I took it to the shop and they say that my timing was off by 10 degree.. They didn't say if it was too advance or too retard.. I bring it back to the shop and they can test it again.. To my knowledge that I think, I don't think the shop even touch my car. They charge me 300 and all my setting is still the same as I try to tune it..
  6. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/94x94q90/c/r/923/Os7lXA.jpg
  7. Need help.

    Hey everybody, I'm pretty new to the v8 swap.. My header get red hot when I turn on the engine for about 5 minute.. My timing is 8 degree before tdc. And the car sound good it just the header get hot red.. My piping is 2 inch all the way and I have a 370 z muffler ant the end.. What would have cause my header to become red.. Is it too small of a piping? Any suggestion and help would be appreciate.
  8. Hello all

    I'm in Wisconsin. With a 280z. What is your size in piping for most v8. Is 2 in pipe too small? What do you guys run for piping?
  9. New to the old school z

    Hello guys . I'm from Wisconsin