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  1. Excellent. I will try that. I do have Teflon tape on it. I have a new sender and I know my gauge works. Thank you for the tips. I will let you know what I find. 83zx
  2. Ok. Water temp in dash reads zero. Replaced temp sensor. Checked dash temp sensor with meter, Checked out fine. But orange sensor light still comes on, red "water" light stays lit and water temp still reads zero. While I was in there, changed water pump and thermostat. Am I missing something? I've cleaned the connections of the bullet on the temp sensor and where it connects. Why won't my water temp sensor work?! Please help. I'm new to z's but thought I tried to read up as much as possible. Have the manuals etc. Thanks fellows/ladies. 83zx N/A
  3. Thanks! Akira is correct, Enkei AP Racing. Thanks for the link.
  4. Excellent! That's a start I can run with. Thanks guys 83zx
  5. Hi, for whatever reason, I love these wheels. The pic shows them on a 79 280zx. I have searched everywhere. Any ideas? I'm new to z's, I'm sure you guys will know in a second. Thanks for your help! 1983zx