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  1. WTB complete 240z project

    As the title says im looking for a complete 240z . Ideally want as minimal rust as possible, especially on the key areas like floor pans, under battery etc. As long as the car is complete I dont care whether the interior is good or if its running as they'll be coming out anyways. I will be exporting it to the UK so would like a clean title to make my life easier bringing it over. Closer to a main port the better for me as well. Thanks
  2. Hi there I've had a quick browse on here and cant find a similar thread. So im wondering does anyone on here know of a company that builds RHD replacement dashboards? Being from the UK and looking to start a project soon im considering doing a conversion and im struggling to find a company that makes RHD replacements. If anyone knows of anything that would be great. Thanks Dan