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  1. So I'm not proud of this by any means, but I've managed to snap two of the studs holding the sugar scoop(headlight case) to my driver side fender. Is there any known way of replacing those studs? I figured either weld a nut on them and screw them out(if possible?) or cut them flush with the panel and drill them out and retap the holes and put new studs in but I wanted to see if anyone's done this before and had and suggestions/tips??
  2. Could you post a picture of this with the door panel on? Or at least suggest how you'd change the original to accommodate the attachment to the manual crank gear instead of having the handle there now?
  3. Retro-spec replacement interior parts.

    I'm interested in door panels and a center console for a 240z. Let me know pricing and whether you'd be willing to make adjustments/customs as long as they weren't TOO crazy?
  4. Parting out 83 280zx turbo

    Still have the car?
  5. 240z 280z 280zxt 88300zxt oem and aftermarket

    Pm me about the 240 brake MC please.