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  1. brd64020

    Tie Rod Help Needed!!!

    I pulled my inner tie rods of the zx today and went to a local store. The guy measured the bolt that goes into the power steering rack and said its a M16x1, so if anyone knows the inner tie rod bolt size for the steering rack side for a 240sx S13/S14 that would help a lot, or any other tie rod that might work.
  2. brd64020

    Tie Rod Help Needed!!!

    Hello, I have a 1983 280zx that is going to be running a custom front suspension setup with 1996 240sx s14 steering knuckles, s14 coilovers, 350z brake rotors, 300zx aluminum brake calipers. However, the question I have and can't seem to truly find a solid answer to is will 240sx inner tie rods bolt up to the 280zx steering rack (I know that s13 and s14 tie rods are different). Also, the reason for needing different tie rods is due to the stock ones coming no where near close to reaching the steering knuckle. Ideally I would like to run a set of s14 aftermarket tie rods, inner and outer, or some combo that will result in me having the ability to run heim joints for more steering angle. What I have found has me to believe that both 280zx's and an s14's (240sx) run tie rods that are M14x1.5. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey, so I know this is an old thread, just thought I would offer a suggestion for anyone who isn't quite as good at fab work. I am working with a local company called Fortune Auto, one of the coilover experts made a suggestion that using a 240sx s14 rear coilover with the top hat switched over to the stock 280zx one will give the desired adjust-ability. I am going to be posting my conversion once it is complete, however, he did test to see if it would work and everything seemed to line up as it should. My apologies on the post before. Quote
  4. Hey, so I know this is an old thread, just thought I would offer a suggestion for anyone who isn't q