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  1. I found the car.....its at Wally's Auto in Anaheim Ca.
  2. I contacted M and D auto and he said he doesn't remember the car.....Which is strange because Rat Fink said he took it there and at least got a quote. Maybe someone on here will remember something and can give me a lead.
  3. Nevermind I saw the post about M and D auto after a little bit more digging. Thats some good detective work NewZed. I will check on this lead but if anyone else has anymore info. please hit me up. Your time is appreciated.
  4. Thanks! I will give them a shout about it. Where did you find this out? Thanks for your time.
  5. I am the original builder of this car back in 2005 and I sold it to a guy I believe in Ft. Lauderdale via ebay. I spent countless hours building this car with my dad and he recently pasted away and I was looking for pictures of the car. I ran across this picture and its from an old member here on hybridz his name was (Rat Fink) and it shows him located in San Francisco but he hasn't been on here since 2012. After reading Rat Fink's old posts it looks like he sold it via ebay also in 2012. I have tried to PM Rat Fink but no return on that. I just figure if someone owned a V8 Z they would eventually come to this site. If anyone can give any info I would love to know what happen to the car and possibly see if it is for sale. I can also give some background on the car to the new owner. Thanks in advance! [email protected]