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  1. I'm in the turbo manifold if you still got it
  2. WTB 280zx turbo manifold

    I would also like to buy a turbo exhaust manifold if anyone has one to sell I'm in Minnesota zip code is 55408
  3. L24 turbo conversion help needed

    Thanks Seattle jester and Xander yes it's my first post here and I don't have very much information on my car because I bought it and only drove it around the block and on my trailer. My skills are vary basic oil change brakes tune ups no welding skills whatsoever but that's what this cars for to me I guess That said I do appreciate your guys information and I plan on doing it but it may just take a bit more time then I thought but what build doesn't
  4. So I've been searching a few forums and haven't found what I was looking for because threads all seem to get shot down to why not just 28et swap. I currently own a 71 240z with the original l24 that's been built a bit by the previous owner(he died) so I don't know what has been done and it's been sitting since I've bought it(runs awesome though) I live in Minneapolis Minnesota so I won't start working on her till we get into to 40-50s currently is -4 degrees So I'll try to make my concerns as clear and on point as I can First is turbo mani I know my head is the e88 and the zxt mani will bolt on if I notch the head Second I've been searching down rabbit holes and I think I want to go with megasquert diy kit with an msd and some kind of baffle in the gas tank with an external fuel pump and serge tank so it doesn't run lean when under heavy acceleration or hard steering. 3rd will my pistons flat top) create to much compression with the e88 head and turbo setup to run reliably with about 10 psi of boost. I guess I first need to determine what cr I have to say yes or no to but I guess what is a safe compression ratio to boost with should be the question. My goal is a cheap reliable build to put out 220-260 hp and to be able to work on it by myself and with my nephews My budget is now updated to work on chassis repair (floors and frame repair) and converting to efi first so it doesn't have to be out of commission this entire summer. I expect to have my car done by next summer putting body work paint and interior off the list till September-October My mechanical skills include watching my grandfather tune carbs doing oil changes when I have the time(I work 80-95 hours a week in the summer months) bleeding brake lines and changing gaskets on everything but the head