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  1. 2jzge turbo later

    The sc300 is in bad shape inside and out front bumper is missing a nice chunk the 1/4s are rusted and pretty much smashed on the passenger side and as I was driving it yesterday I lost all brake pressure it's a good parts car nothing more at this time. i may just keep having the z chassis worked on while I keep sourcing the parts trans standalone intercooler fuel injectors rails turbo parts and like you said just drop it in one shot and be done. ive Looked into using the sc300 double wishbone suspension and rear end and it seems to be a huge hassle with my intended budget. i still have another early 260 that needs a complete restore sitting at the sellers farm(he was diagnosed with cancer and can't move all his things to pull it out yet) i may just keep the v8 build going and start the 2j in the 260 next winter if I can't get a buyer for my sbf parts.
  2. 2jzge turbo later

    You sir are correct only my wife can tell me what I want even if I don't want it lol. in all honesty I guess I was looking for reassurance that the 2j was the better swap indefinitely. i highly doubt anybody here will say one swap is better then another swap specially here on hybridz so I thank you aswell for your input.
  3. 2jzge turbo later

    That's great to know. would you buy the engine and trans mount togeather or have the trans mount fabbed up because I don't intend to keep it for more then 2 years?
  4. 2jzge turbo later

    Well I thank you guys for putting up with my unorganized sentences and bantering. i guess to answer I already have and it's time to start tearing apart the sc300. i know you have modified the cx racing mounts seattlejester to be more centered. I've also heard a lot of people say they wouldn't trust the stock mounts that bolt to the engine what are your thoughts on it minus the standard boots the kit comes with? as for the trans mount I'm not overly worried because I plan to upgrade in time.If you had to choose a trans which way would you lean towards cd0009 ar5 BMW or anything else that would be cost affective and pretty easily sourced. sorry for all the long post but I guess after the holidays I'll start getting things togeather and hopefully have a build thread.
  5. 2jzge turbo later

    i guess I shouldn't say I'm chasing 350-400 hp at this point I really want a nice solid driver Quality vehicle that leaves room for the future upgrades at this point I would be content on having a sub 200 hp car if it drove nice at this point and I could get some weekend cruise action going on and upgrade the car as I see fit moving foreword at this time I don't want to say money is an issue because it always is but Im a lot more patient then I did when I was 20 So I'm not shooting for hp or track times just yet but in the long run I would like to have a cd0009 or ar5 or even a zr BMW swap so if I needed I could source parts a tad bit easier then a r154 the other options may cost a bit more upfront but long term i think any of those choices would be better off because of where I live and parts available
  6. 2jzge turbo later

    So I changed the entire post from a what should I pick to I'm settled on 2jzge build in my 73. im still striping the lexus down and haven't really gotten to far on the project because of the cold weather and Holliday season. I'm going to repair/replace/upgrade the stock engine parts as needed.this is going to be a modest build over a little bit of time. plans/goals are to have a fun street/strip/track car and I think I shouldn't have to be over 400hp but once again it's not being purpose built for anything in particular. Suspension im undecided on if I want to do full coilovers or stiffen up the front end upgrade the brakes and lower it with springs. Rear end is going to be a freshened up r200 that's been sitting in another project that I haven't picked up yet. guages I would love to keep the stock gauges but I don't think it's possible across the board. so I guess auto meter it is. engine and trans mounts im not sure what route will be best for myself at this time. my welder friend is unsure if he would trust his welds with my life and thinks the cx racing mounts will be sufficient enough for my expectations. engine mods I'm wanting a front facing Intake Manifold and coil on plug set up for better eye appeal distributor delete or cap delete running coils(I've read somewhere you can keep the distributor and run coils with removing the cap and install a block off plate) (not sure how these will effect the drivability in stock na form and if the ecu will allow for it to work properly) power steering delete and electronic power steering assist(Saturn vue from what I've read is the simplest route)but might just not do it depending on how the build go's,thicker head gasket,unsure about fuel injector fuel pump and throttle body size and these are important to me because I don't want to buy twice if I don't have to so I'm going to keep my head down and keep reading. turbo bits I'm shooting for a decently priced well made front mount intercooler I know this is one to not skimp out on i bought a used turbo mani yesterday for $50 bucks even I don't use it for the build it will allow me to mock up the engine at full width to ensure I don't hit the strut tower. turbo charger I'm completely lost on turbos but like stated above I'm going to keep searching on what would be a good size with with a good range of power band and not over sized and unresponsive. blow off valve to be determined waste gate might just buy a turbo with internal waste gate(mani I bought the kid welded the waste gate flange) engine management looking into a few defferent routes my budget has been kinda short in this department and I really should invest the most here but time will tell. option 1 microsquirt $400 with harness option 2 greddy emanage blue with 2jzge harness $550 give or take a few $$$ depending on vendor. option 3 mega squirt v2/3 the pricing on these confuse me but would assume around $1,000 theres a ton more I can put down right now but got food poisoning and my body is shutting down on me I'll keep updating and editing as I go along
  7. 280z 302 sbf swap

    Any update on your project I'm extremely interested in all of your output as we're doing just about the same build. i bought a 86 gt with a WC 5speed for crack head prices and knew it had bad rings and found a 97 explorer 5.0 for $50 and sbf rpm carb intake I was going to source a set of gt40 heads. I forgot what year distributor I bought but it's the steel gear one and plan on swapping cams before I put the engine in so it will match. last few things I need are a carb, linkages,coil,plugs,wires,air filter,and gauges or the volt converter from ttt to use the stock gauges. if you manage to get the fuel injection to work relatively cheap and easy please let me know because I was going to use the 86 wiring and ecu but after a few min search found the 86 to be the worst year of the 5.0 efi
  8. I'm in the turbo manifold if you still got it
  9. WTB 280zx turbo manifold

    I would also like to buy a turbo exhaust manifold if anyone has one to sell I'm in Minnesota zip code is 55408
  10. L24 turbo conversion help needed

    Thanks Seattle jester and Xander yes it's my first post here and I don't have very much information on my car because I bought it and only drove it around the block and on my trailer. My skills are vary basic oil change brakes tune ups no welding skills whatsoever but that's what this cars for to me I guess That said I do appreciate your guys information and I plan on doing it but it may just take a bit more time then I thought but what build doesn't
  11. So I've been searching a few forums and haven't found what I was looking for because threads all seem to get shot down to why not just 28et swap. I currently own a 71 240z with the original l24 that's been built a bit by the previous owner(he died) so I don't know what has been done and it's been sitting since I've bought it(runs awesome though) I live in Minneapolis Minnesota so I won't start working on her till we get into to 40-50s currently is -4 degrees So I'll try to make my concerns as clear and on point as I can First is turbo mani I know my head is the e88 and the zxt mani will bolt on if I notch the head Second I've been searching down rabbit holes and I think I want to go with megasquert diy kit with an msd and some kind of baffle in the gas tank with an external fuel pump and serge tank so it doesn't run lean when under heavy acceleration or hard steering. 3rd will my pistons flat top) create to much compression with the e88 head and turbo setup to run reliably with about 10 psi of boost. I guess I first need to determine what cr I have to say yes or no to but I guess what is a safe compression ratio to boost with should be the question. My goal is a cheap reliable build to put out 220-260 hp and to be able to work on it by myself and with my nephews My budget is now updated to work on chassis repair (floors and frame repair) and converting to efi first so it doesn't have to be out of commission this entire summer. I expect to have my car done by next summer putting body work paint and interior off the list till September-October My mechanical skills include watching my grandfather tune carbs doing oil changes when I have the time(I work 80-95 hours a week in the summer months) bleeding brake lines and changing gaskets on everything but the head