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  1. PLEASE keep mking theese as my l28ET swap project is on hold as I got laid off... Once my new job is under way I will be ordering form you!
  2. CD009 to RB25DET S30 Swap Q's

    ended up snagging a cd009 from a 2007HR 350Z
  3. Hey Hybrid Z! I am in the process of product procurement for my RB25DET swap into my 260Z 2+2. I have recently decided to snag a cd009 due to the price and the fact that it's a 6 speed and its abuse abilities. What is the process like for mating the cd009 to the RB? I understand cutting is involved but I see some images of a plate (collins) onto the engine then bolting the CD009 to that and I also see some images of cutting the entire CD009 bell housing off. I do not understand what is needed to be done to mate the two. Has anybody done this? If so could you shed some light? I know a custom trans crossmember will be needed. Thanks for your insight, -Don
  4. WTS: L28et drivetrain swap, complete

    hey man, I'm interested! shoot me a text (909) 921-5521
  5. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    do you have the clutch pedal and clevis pin from the 260??? if so Ill take it! shoot me a text (909) 921-5521
  6. Hey Hybrid Z! In need of an electric ignition 12-80 for my Z. Also on the hunt for a close ratio 5 speed to mate to my l26 260z Thanks! Pm me. -Don
  7. SOLD

    im local. still for sale?
  8. 1978 280z 2+2 parting out (SOLD)

    Im interested in the dash if its not cracked, the clock if it works, the rear bucket seat back depending on condition.
  9. Starter Tips

    Ok, Got her started up! Te reason I was not seeing 12v at the spade terminal? CORRODED AND UGLY TERMINAL! I replaced the terminal went start her up, NOTHING. then I popped her into neutral (automatic 3-speed) back into park and she kicked right over. Looks like I need to replace the neutral safety relay now haha! I am documenting everything I did for those that are new to a classic car like me and may experience these issues.
  10. Starter Tips

    Hey beerman pete. Few notes, I did install the relay mod. the problem is, the switched power line in im using does not have enough voltage. its sitting at .3v when ignition is turned to start then drop back down when not engaged. Is there a point at which the ignition line to the solenoid is interrupted at all? my reason for this question is I have read the voltage coming from the ignition switch to be 12.6V and read the voltage of the spade connector to be the .3V. Somewhere in between I am having an issue. I may end up running a new wire from the starter switch to the solenoid and see if this fixes my issue.
  11. Starter Tips

    Steps I have taken: Unplugged all Interlock systems - still did not start Installed the relay to starter DIY - still did not start Then: It looks like the old owner used an old relay like other bypasses done. I have since removed this relay for the time being and am running the wire directly out of the main harness. This is a yellow wire that looks to be the perfect length to hook up to the starter solenoid. I presume this wire is the positive coming from the ignition switch. I have checked each lead coming out of the ignition switch connector and verified to be working. I then proceeded to hook up the yellow wire described earlier to the starter. It seems the original wire color should be black and yellow as there is no interruption in between the ignition switch and this wire. Im going to poke and prod some more form the ignition switch and find if the previous owner did some DIY wiring...
  12. Starter Tips

    Could be. when I jump the terminal it works great. fires right up. I read the voltage coming from the solenoid pos. wire and it reads .3v . I may be leaning towards a faulty ignition switch now but am yet to diagnose if the switch is sending 12v as I dont know which wire to read.
  13. Starter Tips

    well now it works intermittently... I wired up the ignition relay mod I have read about and I still get a single click under the passenger side dash... gotta love a car from the 70's
  14. Rb25 240z Custom Exhaust

    Can you PM me your contact information? Im undergoing my first Z build and will be needing an exhaust for my RB25 swapped Z