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  1. DonH

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Im EXTREMELY Interested in a kit.
  2. Great stuff. I like the CXR option as I can get points off the purchase through a buddies shop... my only issue is how high the motor sits in comparison to the Hoke kit. can you measure the height of your intake to the hood when closed? This will help me decide
  3. AWESOME! Im thinking abour pulling the trigger on CX Racing mounts here... but Hoke has some sexy ass looking product!
  4. DonH

    CXRacing Y Pipe for LS swapped cars

    Did this Kit fit well with the steering column ?
  5. DonH


  6. DonH


    Sale is Pending
  7. DonH


    For sale is a L28ET - it is currently UN-ASSEMBLED with the exception of the crank and mains being installed. Description - L28ET Block that has been cleaned, painted, and honed . Machine work was done by JMS Racing - Have receipt - F54 Block P90 Head (Most sought after head! not the P90A head!) - Head work was done by JMS Racing as well - Cam was cleaned up and made sure to be within spec. New Valves, Springs etc done - Have receipt - Will come with all gaskets needed including Fel-Pro HG - ARP Headbolts with ARP Rod bolts included - NEW ITM turbo spec (dished) Pistons and rings - Close Ratio 5 Speed from a 280ZX - 2+2 Flywheel Included - 82-83 Turbo Dizzy (came on the engine) - HX35 with BEP.70 Turbine housing | Polished Compressor housing (rebuild and not ran since) $650 Value! - Stock Turbo included - new Motor Mounts included - Wrinkle painted Valve Cover - Head is in AMAZING condition - Main bearing as well as rod bearings are Clevite - Crank shaft end play WITHIN specification - Crankshaftbwas checked and polished by JMS racing as well -240z euro damper included - non EGR webbed manifold included - All parts are cleaned and sexy like 🙂 Will not part out! Please PM me with any inquires. Motor is currently NOT ASSEMBLED with the exception of the crank and NISSAN Rear Main Seals Engine is located in Ontario, California. Can set up time for inspection of parts - All bolts bagged and tagged - Comes with book on assembly and modification - As always pricing is negotiable -Stock Turbo Elbow included and stock ECU - No harness (Save yourself the hassle, buy from softopz) Because I know someone will ask, I’m selling because the LS swap bug has bit me 🙂 I can deliver EVERYTHING within 80 miles of me as well for free!!!! Thank you for your interest, Im an open book so ask any questions Location: Ontario CALIFORNIA | Southern California Price for Everything picked up: $2000 US These engines are hard to come by now. especially in this shape. I completed all the BS for you of cleaning / machine work etc. Shes ready for 350HP -Don
  8. Bad ass! This is exactly what I need. i almost bought a fidanza wheel for my L28ET swap im doing. I would love to run this. Do you need a shop to manufacture the spacer? My dad ows a machine shop here in california....
  9. DonH

    Chickenman Remote Tune Service Review

    I know who to contact now
  10. I will be waiting untill July 1 to order mine then
  11. I have a r200 diff only. 3.54 gear ratio. $100 picked up (Southern Claifornia )
  12. PLEASE keep mking theese as my l28ET swap project is on hold as I got laid off... Once my new job is under way I will be ordering form you!
  13. DonH

    CD009 to RB25DET S30 Swap Q's

    ended up snagging a cd009 from a 2007HR 350Z