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  1. Bad ass! This is exactly what I need. i almost bought a fidanza wheel for my L28ET swap im doing. I would love to run this. Do you need a shop to manufacture the spacer? My dad ows a machine shop here in california....
  2. DonH

    Chickenman Remote Tune Service Review

    I know who to contact now
  3. I will be waiting untill July 1 to order mine then
  4. I have a r200 diff only. 3.54 gear ratio. $100 picked up (Southern Claifornia )
  5. PLEASE keep mking theese as my l28ET swap project is on hold as I got laid off... Once my new job is under way I will be ordering form you!
  6. DonH

    CD009 to RB25DET S30 Swap Q's

    ended up snagging a cd009 from a 2007HR 350Z
  7. Hey Hybrid Z! I am in the process of product procurement for my RB25DET swap into my 260Z 2+2. I have recently decided to snag a cd009 due to the price and the fact that it's a 6 speed and its abuse abilities. What is the process like for mating the cd009 to the RB? I understand cutting is involved but I see some images of a plate (collins) onto the engine then bolting the CD009 to that and I also see some images of cutting the entire CD009 bell housing off. I do not understand what is needed to be done to mate the two. Has anybody done this? If so could you shed some light? I know a custom trans crossmember will be needed. Thanks for your insight, -Don
  8. DonH

    WTS: L28et drivetrain swap, complete

    hey man, I'm interested! shoot me a text (909) 921-5521
  9. DonH

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    do you have the clutch pedal and clevis pin from the 260??? if so Ill take it! shoot me a text (909) 921-5521
  10. Hey Hybrid Z! In need of an electric ignition 12-80 for my Z. Also on the hunt for a close ratio 5 speed to mate to my l26 260z Thanks! Pm me. -Don
  11. DonH


    im local. still for sale?
  12. DonH

    1978 280z 2+2 parting out (SOLD)

    Im interested in the dash if its not cracked, the clock if it works, the rear bucket seat back depending on condition.