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  1. garcenw

    280Z Garage Sale

    Do you happen to have any valve cover vent hoses? I'm not looking for the hose per se, but the flame arrestor (looks like brass wire brush) inside the hose.
  2. garcenw

    240z,260z,280z and 280zx parts 9/16 revised

    Do you happen to have any valve cover vent hose? I'm not looking for the hose per se, but the flame arrestor (looks like brass wire brush) inside the hose.
  3. Even though the 240Z driveshafts are supposedly different, MSA has only one part number for it the 72 - 78 coupe driveshaft assembly. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic22e01/22-1002 Perhaps the R180 pinion flange bolt pattern on 70 -71 are different and all the 72 and later pinion flanges have the same bolt pattern/interface.
  4. What about the R200 half-shafts? Do the various stub axles available space out their flanges so the lateral distance to hub is the same as an R200 or does one need to get the longer R180 half-shafts?
  5. garcenw

    240z part out

    If you are willing to break up the the differential and have an R180, I'd be interested in the input/pinion flange. PM me.
  6. CableSrv, Excellent info. Thanks. I'm guessing the driveshaft also had to be one from a '72 or later R180 car - correct?
  7. NewZed, I had checked that fiche a few weeks ago and saw three different part numbers for the input flange, which is why I asked. I wasn't sure if the R180 input flange had the same female spline as the two different R200 input flanges. I understood the inverse reference, but it wasn't necessarily applicable on the input side which may require a little more investigative work or modified driveshaft (as you mentioned). Since it doesn't appear that one needs a 280Z drive shaft to do an R200 swap into a 240, it's starting to sound like the simplest path mechanically is to get an R180 input flange which would indeed make it an inverse operation. The issue there may be finding one without buying a whole used R180. Finding an automatic 280Z mustache bar may also take some work, as it's not the same part number as the 240Z R180 mustache bar, so it it's not clear that they are interchangeable (there are 6 different mustache bar part numbers for 1970 - 1978).
  8. jthom5147, Not being rude - hence the smile emoji. When I first saw your answer all that came up was "You need the Inverse of R200 swap", but I figured it was more than that due to the input side uncertainties as you explained in your edited post. The input side was the thing I was least sure about. Either way, thanks for your input. Pics of the cover would be appreciated when you get a chance. NewZed, jthom5147 edited his post, so you probably didn't see his original answer, so the humor isn't tracking. I found posts and and even one online tutorial web page on a swap into a 240Z, but was mostly unsure about the the input side on the 280Z.
  9. We'll that clears things up (not). At least I now know it's not the converse of an R200 swap.
  10. I've searched various forums and have found a few topics regarding putting an STI R180 in a 280Z, but there always seem to be some detail missing. My car is a manual transmission 1976 280Z coupe and thus has the R200 mustache bar and the driveshaft that mates to an R200. I already know that I need new side output flanges which are available from John Williams or Silvermine motors, but I have the following questions: 1) Will the my mustache bar mate up to the STI R180 without modification or do I need to get the mustache bar out of a '77 - '78 automatic car which came with an R180? 2) Will the input flange from my stock R200 fit the input splines of the STI R200? If not, what did you do to mate up with the driveshaft of the manual transmission car? 3) Are there any other issues one needs to tackle to get the STI R180 to fit into the 280Z? Thanks. - Walt
  11. garcenw

    280Z 2+2 front swaybar

    I hadn't heard back, so I explored other options. Let me call the ZStore on Monday to see if they are ready to ship. If not, I can cancel my order. PM your PayPal address in case I can ship.
  12. garcenw

    1975 Car and Driver 280Z Test

    It doesn't paper to be so. The only thing that comes up in web searches is other instances of the ad in other old magazine articles.
  13. garcenw

    1975 Car and Driver 280Z Test

    I only scanned the Z article, but the whole issue is an interesting read. The various car ads were interesting, touting many things we take for granted in modern cars. You can tell the date was between the two gas crunches as the ads reallly focus on fuel economy.
  14. garcenw

    280Z 2+2 front swaybar

    Just want to make sure - we are talking about the thicker 20 mm bar from a 2+2, right? PM me the e-mail address you use for PayPal. Thanks. - Walt
  15. I'm new to the forum. I purchased a 1-owner 1976 last October. Fellow forum member and best bud "cygnusx1" found the ad for me. In any event, I was diagnosing EFI issues and made a chart to easily track and record ECU harness checks. The chart is for a 1976. The chart indicates the wiring diagram and test description for each test. The original spreadsheet is attached. Please note that there are two work sheets on the bottom tabs. For those without an office suite, I attached both worksheets. - Walt 1976 280Z ECU harness checks.zip 1976 280Z ECU harness checks - worksheet 1.pdf 1976 280Z ECU harness checks - worksheet 2.pdf