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  1. JPN garage regular ZG flares

  2. 280z Exhaust

    I am looking for any kind of performance exhaust to replace the missing one I have. I was looking at buying some twice pipes but figured I'd check on here first. Preferably anything that bolts to the stock headpipe or the stock manifold. Thanks!
  3. Shoulder belt mounting points

    Oh! Well, that solved that mystery. Thanks KevvinG.
  4. Can't find 'em. I picked up my '78 with no interior. No seat belts except for one shoulder belt that wasn't installed. Upon closer inspection, I couldn't find where the shoulder belt would bolt into the chassis. So I figured I was just blind and went and found a shoulder belt from another 280z. I made note of where they were bolted and returned home, only to find those points were not in my car. Not only are the points not there, even the trim on the passenger side doesn't show any sign of a shoulder belt bolting to it. Were there certain versions of the 280z that didn't come with a shoulder belt? Thanks in advance.
  5. 280z center tube for exhaust

    I need the center exhaust tube for a 280z. That is the tube that sits where the catalytic converter would be. Thanks!
  6. Eagle Alloy 028 Wheels

    Looking to see if anybody has a set laying around that they want to trade for some cash. I'm looking for 15x10 -45. Thanks!
  7. New TX member

    Hey guys, my name is Patrick. Currently living in Plano but originally from Austin. Picked up a '78 280z a couple months ago and have started the build to create a daily. I had two S13 coupes prior to the S30 but I knew deep down that I would eventually get rid of them and track down a Z. Found it on Craigslist with a gaping hole in the roof and no seats. Drove it from Forney to downtown Dallas and then to Plano when I moved. Car runs and drives great but looks terrible. Hopefully over the coming months you will see a transformation.