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  1. Filluptieu

    What racing bucket seats fit into a 280z?

    I want to revive this thread since I am looking to buy the EXAS III from Bride as their website recommends this seat for the S30 however I wanted to know if anyone has had luck with the bride Type FO rails. do they position the seat too high?
  2. Filluptieu

    1974 datsun 260z restomod

    Would you mind posting a picture of how close the seat is to the door/glass? I would really appreciate it!
  3. Well... so I decided to jump head first and give it a try. Ill update once I get it mocked up and let everyone know how it worked out.
  4. Akira, thanks for the add however I have a 77 280z and my tank is slightly different. I have attached a picture below to show where I think the phantom unit should go. This picture doesnt clearly show the side I want to add the fuel assembly too so does anyone know if the bottom (where the red arrow is) is clear and a good place to add the fuel pump?
  5. So the tank I would use is the stock tank for the S30 however cut a hole and connect/attach the universal fuel pump assembly. My biggest questions and fear since not seeing anyone on here about it is if the Phantom system fits our tank properly. I am assuming its going to be on the driver side of the tank and you would have to cut a hole for visibility of the lines.
  6. So I did some searching and didn't see anyone talking about this. It seems like a great alternative from a fuel cell, sump, and surge tanks. I am battling with if I should recondition the stock fuel tank and adding a surge but would like to not have any additional lines or tanks other then the stock fuel tank OR recondition the stock tank and add the Phantom Stealth Fuel system. Has anyone tried this? Seems like a great solution
  7. Filluptieu

    DIY: Spare tire well fuel cell cover

    BrandenZ, Nice set up btw. I am getting to the point where instead of spending $500 on coating my stock fuel tank I think I might do a fuel cell. With that said, did you custom fabricate the bar that looks like it bolted to a stock location? How much did you have to cut in order to make this fit? Thanks ahead of time for you help.