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  1. MerloZ

    Sync loss reason 2

    Hello again. Seems as though i always have trouble with my setup so the current issue is very bad sync loss it makes the car undriveable sometimes when other times it doesnt happen for 5 minutes. Datalog shows sync loss reason 2. Ms2 Stock injectors with resistors Diy trigger wheel Ngk plugs and wires Aside from fixing and upgrading simple things (radiator intercooler headgasket timing chain brake upgrade) my engine bay has stayed the same for about a year So realistically ive touched everything haha. But it hasnt always done this and my wiring mess has always been the same so electrical noode and ground dont seem like the sore thumb but they still could be it.
  2. How much rotational play is normal on the l28et oil pump shaft? Absolutely none or a little bit. I have a sync loss error reeking havoc and i think it might be that because my distributor rotor can rotate back and forth a hair. It moves about 1 mm of rotation back and forth when looking thru the holes in the DIY trigger wheel. If thats too much what woul be the fix. New gear and shaft? Or maybe some shims?
  3. MerloZ

    What year 240sx trans

    74 260z with r200 diff and l28et. I want to do the 240sx transmission conversion. My friend has a donor transmission but its from a dual cam ka24 240sx. Will this work or doe only the single cam 240sx transmission work. Ive read some mixed info. As long as there is no difference aside from the bellhousing then its a go. Thankyou
  4. MerloZ

    Transmission options for 300hp

    Thanks for the replys i think a t5 will be good enough if i can source the tranny and driveshaft.. however which of those above listed trannys have different splines or are they the same ik up to z31 300zx was the same but i dont know about the rest
  5. Hey i was wondering what are my transmission options for my l28et swapped 260z. I have the stock 4 speed with a brand new south bend stage 2 feramic and organic 400 ft ib clutch. So i am looking for the best route on which transmission to choose. Source parts from a 280zxt or 300zxt with their borg warners. Or Other nissan transmissions with the same clutch spline.. Or possibly if its not too hard modifying another transmission to make it all work like it should. Or is it possible to get stronger internals for my stock 4 speed. Stock r200 i forget what ratio. Also i want to keep my factory speedo working normal. Sounds like my only option is the t5 from the 82 and 83 280zxt right?? I really dont need another gear i would just prefer to not have to drive home without a gear from autocross this upcoming summer once my car has more power im hoping for around 300hp and 350tq in the future. I dont drop the clutch higher than 4k but on the stock tranny and a new strong clutch i know it isnt going to last long. thankyou
  6. MerloZ

    3 inch exhaust drone

    Anyone who has run a 3 inch straight pipe on an l28et with the stock turbo. How bad does it drone. My 2 1/4 with a glasspack muffler drones pretty bad right now and im going 3 inch this winter. Just curious what im getting myself into. I dont mind the sound but the girlfriend i can tell gets sick of yelling at me when im 5 inches away
  7. MerloZ

    N42 Turbo Motor Build Questions

    Uhm n42 is not the block. Or engine. N42 would be a casting on the intake manifold. Im a bit confused by your question. F54 block dished pistons p90 head 14 psi intercooler and 3 inch exhaust. Sounds like that will be in the ballpark for the power u want.
  8. Im up in western mass. I have some spare l26 engines and a spare f54 block with turbo insides. The turbo block is worth more money id say but it isnt going to use sitting under a tarp. For the right price i could drop it off but no idea when.. i actually got the block in new haven. Small world.
  9. MerloZ

    Fuel pump cutting out at idle

    Hello everyone. Not a huge issue here but just looking for some opinions. When my car is warmed up and idleing it cuts power to the fuel pump randomly and speratically. Occationally causing it to stall. It is only for a split second however sometimes it happens a few times in a row. If i rev it up by even 100 rpms it seems to go away. Im thinking either circuit board problems, bad settings, or bad connections
  10. MerloZ

    Tachometer and ms2

    So my car does have an EIM okay. So cut that out with the resistor then the blue wire should work with the tac?. White and black wire doesnt have to be connected?
  11. MerloZ

    Tachometer and ms2

    Which one blue or white with black stripe. I think i tried a few combinations and none worked.
  12. MerloZ

    Tachometer and ms2

    Is it possible to easily wire my 74.5 260z tach to the coil and or megasquirt so my tachometer can work properly. Pretty sure my tach is like a 280z tach not a 240z tach. Blue wire and white with black stripe wire. I connected them to the coil and the car foesnt start with them connected i asdumr this is because its sending voltage to the coil and interfering with the megasquirt spark. Any ideas?. Thanks
  13. MerloZ

    Tuning help for L28ET 280Z - will not start

    Could my tune possibly work. Has been running damn good recently.. not sure if your using diy auto tunes trigger wheel or not those should be the only different settings as mine is basically stock.
  14. Hello again. My l28et is running very very rich and im sure of it. Spark plugs are black. I thought i ruined my o2 sensor so i go another one and AFR is still reading at 10. Fuel pressure is perfect. I have stock injectors however i have no resistors in the wires to them and each set of 3 injectors is connected to a 20 amp fuse. My fuel settings should be perfect according to lots of research on the forum. If anyone has used a ms2 on a nearly stock l28et please tell me if you used resistors or not and why. Ive read that the ms2 flyback board should compensate for this but ive also read that its only for 4 injectors?. Vacuum is at 14in/hg when it should be at 19. If i put my stock resistor block in the wiring will that affect anything badly even if its not the issue?
  15. MerloZ

    Stock FPR with walbro 255

    New o2 and aeromotive FPR installed. Fuel pressure is perfect now and its still running pig rich. This is a megasquirt or wiring issue