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  1. the original (ears) trans mount must be cut out... on Late 1973 -1978 body.. that is why we use floor mount trans crossmember.
  2. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    Several other companies make the RB26 dry sump pan. Pan, not the expensive part. pump and all the hardware is..
  3. they have to be cut out and have to run our 260z or 280z trans crossmember set-up..
  4. I hand made a custom pan and pick up.. will pm pictures..
  5. Motor stock block and internals.. We built the headers, oil pan, Link G4+ computer, All stock sensors, ITB's are modified EXTRUDABODY KIT. custom flywheel and 350Z CM stg 4 clutch. orginal VK56 auto bellhousing with modified 370z trans attached. We are going on dyno next week whould be close to 400HP...Extrudabody... custom flywheel and 350Z clutch with 370z 6spd trans. expect about 400hp on the dyno next week...
  6. Boy from OZ what kit?? motor?? NICE JOB...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=vJ_3xUCfDbo&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DbP5KSIaXNbk%26feature%3Dshare
  8. we offer swap kits for the Nissan VK56 or the SKYLINE RB26DETT or RB25DET motors, Call for your needs We can run the VK56 off stock computer or Aftermarket ECU. OR Fix you VQ motor McKinney Motorsports inc. [email protected] vk start up3.MOV
  9. GT250/VK56 start up

    they just touch the hood closed...
  10. GT250/VK56 start up

    Car built on a S30 chassis all custom suppension, VK56 with 370z trans, 300zx n/a diff, , custom Mckinney mount kit, altnator bracket custom ITB's by Extrudabody ,oil pan, headers, Z Fever adapter to VK auto bellhousing for 370z trans , shorten shifter braclet, McKinney/Megan suppension, TTT rear end parts and suppension arms. Link G4+ EXTREME ECU with custom engine harness and using all stock VK sensors. custom body harness buy McKinney Motorsports (Gary) body kit is Mcburnie GT250 circa 1980.
  11. GT250/VK56 start up

    First drive under its own powervk56 first drive.MOV
  12. GT250/VK56 start up

    need tuning...vk56 start up2.MOV
  13. Vk56 in z32 project (advice welcomed)

    Our VK 56 240z is running and driving... We used VK56 auto bellhousing with Zfever adapter for 370z trans temp button clutch with hydro throwout bearing. Link G4+ extreme ECU all factory sensors and ITB's . a custom aluminum oil pan , headers and other custom brackets . need to get on the Dyno for final tuning. Our other kits will follow soon.. april release of harness and modified stock computer for those who can use stock intake manifold to make thing simple.. New intake manifold aluminum for VK56 April or May.... S30 kit about same time... Mack McKinney