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  1. I need a stock 280z exhaust manifold and down pipe. so the car will pass smog. Must be in good shape. call me at 951-304-930zero or cell 951-704-414two
  2. Midnight Madness 560z...

    any progress
  3. No Power to Half of Each Injector

    the second side is GROUND from the computer to complete the circuit.
  4. Gas Monkey 280Z

    They used many of our SR20DET swap parts with a Wiring Specialties harness. Mack
  5. Searching 280z shell

    I have one that pretty rust free. not sure its suited for complete stock, very good for more swap restomod car.. Mckinney coil overs installed and motor swap kit of your choice.. $5800.00 firm.. Mack 951-704-4142 leave # will call you back if interested..
  6. 350z speed sensor physical location (not the wire)

    GPS most simple. can use ABS but more work..
  7. We are looking for a 280ZX for a shop MULE to build swap kits for the car. Need a cheap/free/loaner car that has a straight frame. body and interior don't matter. These kit do not require much cutting so loaner OK and a FREE kit of your choice... takes about 8-12 months for them all.. Call or email Mack McKinney @McKinney Motorsports
  8. Rb25det in 280zx question

    will not work.... all parts of a kit work together cannot mix and match. Use the CX trans cross member and mount..
  9. Front 3 Cylinders Not Running

    It takes 3 thing to make a motor run AIR, spark and fuel. If you have all 3 it should run. so one is missing.. Have injectors been cleaned?? WE find on used JDM motors usually 1 to half of them clogged, dripping so that could be it.. New plugs??? if you have access to CONSULT have a balance test done.
  10. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    there are 2 RB26 AWD 240z in Japan. Motor must be moved forward for alinement of axles. a ton of work for little or no real gain... Great for showing off your work..
  11. Fuel pump relay wiring question

    wiring specialities 12v wire goes directly to fuel pump 12v side bypassing stock relay..
  12. Fuel pump relay wiring question

    You need an aftermarket fuel pump like a WB 255 /450. the stock pump will not cover a boosted RB25 motor safely .
  13. the original (ears) trans mount must be cut out... on Late 1973 -1978 body.. that is why we use floor mount trans crossmember.
  14. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    Several other companies make the RB26 dry sump pan. Pan, not the expensive part. pump and all the hardware is..