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  1. I have two of the Datsun competition trans in our two mild street cars and love them. One tip I recommend is to get the parts cytogenetically treated to increase the strength.
  2. primaz

    78 RB26 260Z

    Great Build! I thought that 260's were only in 1974? I thought that the year yours is a 1978 isn't that a 280 not a 260Z?
  3. for a street car these few pics should give you an idea of what I have on my two street cars and I feel that this is ideal for chases stiffness without the wasted space and issues bars for a street car. I can jack the car up with a jack stand and have three wheels off the ground; it give me the stiffness of my crazy Primadonna Z car with a 9 point cage so for street use I think this is ideal. If you worry about rolling the car you can add a basic hoop but no need to do the rest of the roll bar work for street as that just becomes a pain for anyone else you give a ride to, as they will not like the bars interfering with easy entry in the car, etc. Believe me very few women want to ride in a car that is too caged. This boxing of the frame rails goes from the front all the way to the rear sub frame and is boxed inside as well. It follows the factory fake rails and give is true strength of a framed car or a Z with a cage without the bars in the way for a street car. Unless you really want to compete for a track I think this is way better.
  4. primaz

    Don Potter Racing Cam?

    FYI, Having had a Z with his one of his mild cams, I can tell you that virtually all of his cams provided a very smooth power band. They were definitely worth the price. I think the only issue now is that a cam is one part and an engine needs to have the right porting work to really match the cam as well as the rest of the components. I am sure that if those really are Don's cam they have the potential to be way better than any other cam on the market. One note his very high lift cam more used for 3.2 liter high HP engines worked great but he had issues finding a valve spring that could last; if he lived a bit longer he would likely have solved that but it did not work out that way. It is sad to see his great work was not being passed on as he definitely created engines with way more horsepower than others like Rebello and Don's engines were bullet proof. I have drove cars with Rebello 3 liters and Don's 2.8's were way faster. Andy Hengesteg in Oregon has one of Don's 2.8 engines that will blow the doors off V8's and he did learn Don's porting work but he does not have the machinery or knowledge to do the bottom end. If you really want to recreate one of Don's engines I would have Andy build the head with the full porting work he learned from Don and have him advise you on which cam and then you need to figure out how to do the bottom end. Andy might have some input on that as well?
  5. I have them on two of my 240z's and love them. I also used their relay so that when I am on high beam all 5 LED elements are on and that is incredible vision! They also look cool with circle of LED's on the perimeter. I did a lot of searches and read all of the LED reviews especially the Jeep and off road as our headlights on the Z car is the same as Jeeps and 911's. The Vision X LED is the best rated in the marketplace. I also have them on my 1963 Jag and they are well worth the money. Also these use so much less AMP's than stock...
  6. I have two 240Z's both running 16 x 8" CCW's with 16" / 245 / 45 series tires, both cars have coilovers and rolled fenders with no problems. It is best to get one of those measuring tools or go to a shop with one to get the right offset for your specific suspension. You should try to measure it so you do not need to add a spacer.
  7. we are about a month from completing the final assembly but here are some pics
  8. I do not have a 280 but several 240's and I am in the process of completing my wife's 240z. I rolled the fenders to ensure no issues with tire rub which is a good thing to do especially running 245's. Her car has CCW's 16x8's with 245 on all four corners with no flares needed. I went with the standard BC coil overs but upgraded the springs to their Swift spring option as I have read many feel those springs are a better ride. I just finished our Mini Cooper 2003 S with BC coil overs with Swift springs and the handling is very good. For the Mini we had to soften the settings almost to the softest setting for street driving but it works well. I personally think with a 17" rim that the standard BC's would give it a good stance but again I have no experience with a 280? My other 240Z is an older build on the suspension, with Ground Control coil overs, 16x8 rims with 245's, rolled fenders, no flares, and that Z is about 4 to 4.5" off the ground so it is fairly low; it is a street car and that is about as long as you want to go as I have to angle every driveway or speed bump to clear. The BC's are great as you can adjust the camber, etc. easily and you do not need to weld in camber plates and are well made.
  9. primaz

    Replacing dash with dash cover

    I know it is expensive but in my opinion the best is to go to "Just Dashes" and have them refurbish it; they redo the dash better than factory with a high quality thicker material that will last. I used to have a dash cover and they never look perfect and to me if you go through all the trouble to remove it to attempt a repair you might as well do it right as the cracks will come back and then you have all that hassle and labor to remove it and reinstall it again. http://www.justdashes.com/?s=datsun+240z
  10. For LED's you need to replace the entire light assembly NOT just a bulb. I have used this on one of my 240Z's and my Jaguar 3.8s and they work GREAT! https://headlightrevolution.com/vision-x-pair-of-7-round-vortex-led-headlight-w-low-high-halo/ It is a little expensive but I think they are worth it. They are very bright with a very even wide light beam and they use such a fraction of the AMPS a conventional headlight would use. They also have a lifetime guarantee.
  11. Datsun Spirit makes great engines and I recommend both fully built engines from them as well as their parts they sell for those willing to try to DIY. I have two of their engines, a Stage II mild engine for my wife and a 3.0 liter bottom end which uses a DL Potter ported head and Datsun Spirit cam. I think they are the best Datsun builders now that Don Potter has passed.
  12. Can you push your budget and get the coil overs now? The reason is that a coil over conversion will greatly increase the cavity for wheels. I am running 16" 245 40's on all four corners on two of our 240Z's on a stock body with no flares. I just upgraded my wife's 240Z with the Arizona big brake kit with the larger master they recommend. On that 240Z I went with BC Racing coil overs which do not require you to weld in camber plates and are fully adjustable at a very reasonable price. To me I would go with coil overs first, then rims/tires, then brakes last.
  13. FYI, Borla has decided to put these air horns back into production; I have just ordered four as I have two (2) 240Z's to use them on. Contact [email protected]
  14. primaz

    71 240z... need some guidance in my plans.

    Richard, I really think you should see if there a local Z club or try to find some local Z owners via this forum that has a 3.0 240Z and go for a ride. The straight 6 of the 240Z bored to a 3.0 liter with triples will pull like a V8 and then you will be impressed with the car's handling and how it will just kick ass over the majority of the cars on the road. All you would need to do is spend some money on the motor, suspension which might be around 10K or so. There are many V8 Z owners on the forum and you can build up the rear end to handle big HP. Like I said the Arizona Z rear end conversion and the Techno Toys should handle that HP. https:/technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/complete-r200-r230-rear-end-conversion-z-car The Techno toy set up claims it can handle 1000 HP and I have talked to Arizona Zcar and their rear end conversion they were confident up to around 700 HP. Also for a Z car you do not do mini tubs for wide tires, you get custom offset rims and with mild flares you can then stuff 315's for example. You do this along with upgrading the rear end to handle the HP. You are butchering a great suspension if you mini tub it and go to straight axels. That is just plain crazy. The reason why I say this is that you clearly have never driven a true high performance Z car and I think you assume that a V8 would be great but to me that is not ideal if you change the rear end to solid axel as that would be a kin to taking a big block El Camino or 67 Camaro and doing a 3 foot lift and trying to turn those muscle cars into a 4x4 off road vehicle.