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  1. MRGierut

    Another Dash Restoration

    No problem. It's really not that hard, just take your time and don't try to rush. It will probably take more than one day.
  2. MRGierut

    Another Dash Restoration

    This is what I used when I did my dash.
  3. I'd probably buy a sticker or two.
  4. 1 T-SHIRT XL BLACK 1 HOODIE XL BLACK Zip code: 60463
  5. MRGierut

    Silver 1977 Datsun 280Z Project

    Welp, Still waiting on the Speedhut gauges. I ordered them on St. Patrick's Day and they just shipped on April 21st, I knew they were going to take a long time. Speedhut was very good with staying in touch with me and are very accommodating. They can add just about anything you want to their gauges, you just have to ask. They offer a GPS Speedo with turn signals, high beam indicator, and programmable fuel gauge all in one gauge housing! On the Tach I asked them to add two extra LEDs labeled "Brake" (red) and "Check Engine" (amber). They should arrive this week! Since the car has just been sitting in my garage for the past couple weeks, I felt that she has being neglected... Tow bolts on the driver's seat and tossed the steering wheel on...no problem.
  6. MRGierut

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Those connectors are pretty slick! I like that idea! Are those pictures in the engine bay, or the cabin?
  7. MRGierut

    Stock Car Mafia's '78 280z LS2 Build

    That thing looks pretty damn good rolling down the street. Great pictures!
  8. MRGierut

    Silver 1977 Datsun 280Z Project

    Thanks man! I appreciate it. Taking out the dash was easier than I anticipated. The hardest part was disconnecting the speedo cable. Putting it all back in correctly might be a different story! I'm just waiting for new gauges to come in, hopefully sometime next week. I got the seats back from the upholstery shop and the new carpet is partially in. The aftermarket radio is hooked up and it'll power on just fine, but no sound is coming out of the speakers. After further investigation, the speakers (yes, there's 2!) start disintegrating once you touch them, so new 4" speakers are on the way, as well as speaker wire. Once I get the interior back together that will be it for a while.
  9. MRGierut

    280z dash rebuild new idea

    Yup. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/127012-silver-1977-datsun-280z-project/ Dash repair is towards the bottom of the first page.
  10. MRGierut

    Show your steering wheel .

    $38 Grant steering wheel with sweet ass Dastun Rising Sun sticker! Don't look too close, I had to trim the sticker by hand...
  11. I emailed them and they're going to change it for $10. Thanks again OP: I ordered 4 1/2" and 2 1/16" for the three small gauges. The only reason I went with 2 1/16" is because I wanted the 90* sweep instead of the full sweep. I also ordered the Skillard gauge mounts for the speedo/tach and Mill House Huston pods for the smaller gauges. There is a link on Skillard's website for the Mill House stuff. I'll be sure to post everything here when the gauges finally come in. Turn around time is like 3 weeks to a month now!
  12. Gotcha. I ordered a set last week with 2 extra LEDs and I just guessed that they should be activated by ground since every other circuit in the car has the switch on the ground side. Thanks for the tip about the high beam light! I wonder if I could just ask Speedhut to have the high beam LED activated by ground? Do the turn signal and flashers need to be flipped as well?
  13. MRGierut

    280z dash rebuild new idea

  14. MRGierut

    Another Dash Restoration

    Very nice! I thought my dash was bad!
  15. MRGierut


    Lookin' good man. How does it look under the battery tray?