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  1. Are any of these sold yet?
  2. Bwales

    Fender frame? What is this called?

    @grannyknot what is your plane for tying that in beyond the firewall? I am not wanting to do a full cage in the car and was curious what you were doing. I have seen the old Z tech article about tying the rockers together without a cage. I'll see if I can find it again.
  3. Bwales

    Fender frame? What is this called?

    Grannyknot, That is a clever looking modification. Seems like it keeps most of the original piece as intended but would really stiffen it up.
  4. Bwales

    Fender frame? What is this called?

    Thanks guys. I have seen where some folks remove the whole piece and make a tube front for rigidity. I'm doing a rebuild on an old v8 swapped car and will most likely be replacing the inner and outer rocker panels as well(along with floors). The car was supposed to have driven fine but i'm trying to do this build some justice and do it right. I also am trying to keep it somewhat stock appearing and am not wanting to fully cage the car. We will see as we continue o dig into the car.
  5. Trying to find out what this is called. Obviously needs some correction and replacement. I have also been looking through threads regarding chassis stiffening hoping someone has reinforced this and could offer advice on how to repair this if i cannot source a replacement
  6. Bwales

    Lost 3 lap pads

    The retainers look to be the same all around. I did witness one getting stuck and I tapped it and it popped back up. I just hoping it isn't bent. I am hoping to buy a compression/leak down test kit so I can see if they are seating properly.
  7. Bwales

    Lost 3 lap pads

    Sorry not lifter. Valve seems stuck.
  8. Bwales

    Lost 3 lap pads

    So the valves were adjusted a few weeks ago. On the three valves that threw the pad, the springs seem either really weak or the lifter seems stuck. The rocker will barely contact the pad. I can't imagine it being that far out of adjustment so soon.
  9. Bwales

    Lost 3 lap pads

    I have read on multiple forums about broken valve springs, wrong adjustments, stuck valves etc. So I went for a short trip to my local club meeting in my 240z(l28) and came back with no issue. I tried to start it up the next day and it was noisy (valve train). I opened up the valve cover and found not one but THREE lash pads off. What the heck could cause such a thing? This car had sat for a very long time before I got it and I have less than 1k mikes on it since I bought it. On its second oil change since not sitting up.
  10. Bwales

    There is no reply button or box

    In the cars for sale section
  11. Bwales

    There is no reply button or box

    I am also experiencing the lack of a reply box.
  12. I don't plan on buying a whole set. My plan is to source a single spring. I noticed in my search that there seems to be a door latch with spiral springs? Must be for a 280 door.
  13. I have been digging through the archives with no luck I am trying to source a little spring that pulls the latch mechanism back into position inside the door. It wraps around what I would call the striker cylinder? I tried to snap a photo but it is nearly impossible to see. I can tell it is missing as my passenger door still has one intact. The cylinder will just turn freely without it. This I believe is preventing my door from latching. Thanks!
  14. has not set their status

  15. Bwales

    73 project car

    Still selling?