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  1. FS: RB25DE with ITBs and MS3

    Ever get around to making that video? everything still available?
  2. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I did the garden hose flush method, without the radiator connected. Pulsed the motor a few times. Kept it up until it clear water was coming out. Then went about changing the waterpump. Not much crud came out of the motor, and the water flows great through the block. Changed the waterpump as well. The waterpump was in decent condition when I pulled it out. Cast impeller and no visible pitting or anything. Still haven't had a chance to test drive it as the rear suspension is currently in pieces. But I had another question, regarding the gauge sending unit. It is currently tapped into the thermostat housing, on the bottom side. So on the "hot" side of the thermostat. Doesn't that mean I'll get varying temperature readings based on load, regardless of what the radiator is doing? As the motor is revving, and producing more heat, the coolant takes that heat, directly past the sending unit, then to the radiator for cooling. Then after its cooled, it flows through the block to be heated and then back to the temp sensor. So no matter what it's seeing "fresh" hot coolant. Or am I missing something here?
  3. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    Well here is just a small sample of some of the stuff I managed to get out of the radiator. Going to do my best to get everything cleaned up as much as possible, and switch out the waterpump. Pretty sure this was the culprit, I probably wont be able to test drive it until Sunday/Monday to see if it still heats up. Thanks for all the help guys
  4. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I was in their store on Wednesday and that's what they told me. They said they used to be able to get them, but their supplier fell through. Thanks for the link!
  5. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    Got a thermometer and the thermostat out. Testing is on tomorrows agenda. Got the cooling system drained and ready to change the waterpump, and I may have found the issue. The radiator had a lot of large particles clogging the smaller pipes that lead to the fins. So this is what was restricting the flow so much. Going to try and flush it all out if I can, if not, a new radiator is on my list. Going to change the waterpump while I can as well. Regarding the waterpump, MSA couldn't get me the cast impeller kind, any risk running the stamped impeller? You are right regarding the routing, on my car the alternator and waterpump are on the same belt. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll report back if cleaning out the radiator clog fixes the issue.
  6. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I'll check the belt. But it doesn't make any screeching sounds, ever. I do hear some noise from the motor, but I can't narrow it down between regular valvetrain noise, or if its the waterpump bearing. What kind of sound should I be hearing if its the water pump bearing? Changing the waterpump was the next step I was going to do. I went with the cheapest / easiest options first. While the water pump is out and the coolant is drained, I'm doing to test the flow of the radiator and check the thermostat again. Anything else I should check while doing the above? How much should the thermostat open up when it's up to temp?
  7. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    What should the tension in the belt be? How much play? Also, when I go to check the thermostat, how much should it be opening? Thanks for the help guys, sorry about the confusion.
  8. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    The car has had electrical fans on it since I've owned it. It came to me with electrical fans on it. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my posts. It's not that I changed the fans and it started heating up like this. I thought it was just pertinent information to share about the car. The car used to run fine and not heat up. Then one day it started having these symptoms. Which lead me to start replacing the common things : radiator cap, thermostat, flush coolant etc.
  9. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I unfortunately don't have another gasket laying around, so I can't do this until I get a new gasket in. I can't reuse the old gasket right? Sorry. The car has electrical fans on it. It's had electrical fans on it since I bought it. I was not the one to swap to electrical fans. The reason I don't think the fans are of concern is, at speed the car is getting airflow through the radiator regardless of the fan situation. Even at idle, the fans are enough to cool the motor in it's current state. Its at speed that the radiator isn't providing enough cooling. I thought that's what it was as well, so this morning I jacked up the car and let it idle for quite a while, got it up to temp and didn't see any bubbles come out once the thermostat opened up. Regarding the VDO gauge, I will get temp readings this weekend when I have time to work on the car again. In the meantime, I got pics of the radiator front and back.
  10. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I'm not sure if the gauge is aftermarket, as I've never owned a Z before. The temp, fuel, and oil pressure gauge are all VDO brand. It came with the car when I bought it, I did not calibrate it as it seems to be working right. The thermostat opens up at 180 on the gauge. When I switched out the thermostat, we completely drained the coolant. Refilled it. Left the radiator cap open, idled, and filled with coolant as the coolant level would drop. Radiator is an aftermarket aluminum radiator from Champion. Cold start, coolant level does not drop. Water flowing? I can't really tell... (maybe this is the problem) Do you have a video example of what exactly I should be seeing? The water seems to be moving very slowly, and under throttle it moves a bit more. But I wouldn't really call it a steady flow. So if its not bad flow from the radiator, or the water pump. My only other idea is that it's running lean. But I have no real accurate way to test that. The plugs seem fine, and the exhaust smells like its running rich, but again this isn't accurate. Maybe ignition timing is causing issues? the car starts up instantly and has plenty of power. I have a new waterpump on hand that I can throw on. But if the waterpump was bad, would it produce any other symptoms? Leaks? Noise? That doesn't seem like too much work. While doing that, should I pull the radiator and have it flow tested? It seems relatively new, so I wouldn't expect it to be gunked up with sediment. Other things to note : the front half of the radiator is painted black, this might be hurting cooling capacity, but since it cools back down at idle, I'm still kinda stumped. Also, since the car is running hot, both the upper and lower hoses are very hot to the touch, so that seems like the radiator isn't cooling fluid very well. I'll see if I can get my hands on a thermometer to just be thorough, but I don't think the gauge is too far off the mark. Especially since the electric fans are on a completely different temp sensor, and they come on at 182.
  11. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    Temp keeps rising until the red on the gauge (which I think starts at 205 or 210 on my VDO gauge), I haven't let it go past that as I don't want to risk damage.
  12. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    I figured if it was the head gasket, I'd see bubbles forming while sitting in my driveway right? The fans are blowing fine. At idle, the car warms up, the fans kick on, car cools down. They are in the right direction as well. This was my thought process too. If the fans were the problem, the car would overheat at idle not at highway speeds. How man yheat/cool cycles do you think I need before all the air is out of the system? Maybe I just haven't had enough? Regarding the main radiator hoses, should I be able to compress them while the car is running? Judging from the cap, I would think I need to exert at least 16PSI to squeeze, them but they seem to squeeze fairly easily. So either there is more air in the system? Or the hose is collapsing under load from the waterpump?
  13. HI guys, I've run into a werid issue on my car. Its a 73 240z, with a L26 with the mechanical fan remove and replaced with electrical fans. Car appears to have an aftermarket radiator on it that is reasonably new. What I've tried so far : New radiator cap, New thermostat, New overflow bottle, new overflow hose, new hose clamps, fresh coolant. The car idles fine, and will hold 180 all day. I get on the highway, temps start to creep up, clutch / go to neutral and temps creep back down to 180. Even weirder, after even the shortest drive, air shows up in the overflow hose from the radiator to the bottle. So then I have to raise the bottle and get all the air out again. After getting the air out, car will drive fine for a very short while (couple min) then temps will start to creep up again. Pull over, find more air in the overflow hose. The car doesn't seem to be losing coolant anywhere, but somehow air is getting into the system? Waterpump going out? I'm stumped at this point.
  14. 1973 distributor identification

    If you click the picture it'll go to full resolution. Yeah, I found the locating piece and had it in the right way. But the spring clips wouldn't latch into place. The diameter was slightly too large. I suspect oreilly's gave me the wrong part. If its a 73 distributor I guess I'll order a cap from nissan and try my luck again.
  15. Car is a 73 240z, motor is an L26. Trying to find a new distributor cap for it, but nothing seems to fit right. I originally ordered one for an L26, and it was too big. Looked up the markings (D611-54) on the distributor and they seem to be for a 73 240z, so I ordered the cap for that and it was still slightly too big. The cap that is currently on there (and used to work until it went bad) has a outside diameter of 3 inches, and an inside diameter of 2.4 inches. I also ordered a rotor for an L26 and an L24, the L26 one was again too big, but the L24 one fit fine. Is this a case of shitty parts store caps just not fitting right? I've attached a pic of the distributor markings, can you guys point me in the right direction of what cap to order?