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  1. Well you could continue to just blindly replace everything, or you could just hook up a logger to the car and see what is actually happening. Seeing as how you didn't even notice your map sensor unplugged before, I think its safe to assume the wiring on it is questionable. You may have swapped your front O2s with the back O2 plugs or something or cut some wires, or not have the power hooked up to the sensor.
  2. I have been doing some custom stuff to the rear suspension of my 240z, and long story short I need shorter struts for clearance reasons. Ideally I would like a strut cartridge that is 6" shorter in length than the stock rear 240z strut. Please let me know if you know something that fits the bill. I've seen that the front struts for a 92 MR2 are supposed to be 20.125" in length which I think is close to 3" shorter, but I really would like 6" shorter.
  3. zboi

    Is this Bad or forge ahead?

    Don't worry about it, that should be well within the CV axle's range of articulation.
  4. zboi

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    What I really need is the McPherson strut thing
  5. zboi

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    I'd take you up on that. My only concern is what if the pin is frozen real bad in that one too. Its a fair bit of work getting all that taken off.
  6. zboi

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    The threads got mashed from being beaten on and pressed, and then I welded a rod to them to try to twist it so it would break free and it just snapped the bolt. This thing is seriously stuck in there bad.
  7. zboi

    Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    It's a 73 240z passenger side and yes the lockbolt is out. I'm in Raleigh NC. A little over an hour from Asheboro
  8. So my spindle pin won't come out of my knuckle assembly. I put it in a press and it is bending the rear control arm instead of pushing out the pin. Wondering if anyone has a knuckle I could use, don't need any bearing or stun axle or anything just the bare knuckle assembly. Passenger side.
  9. zboi

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    So I been messing with mounting the 8.8, thought u may like to know of an easier/cheaper way of doing this. Just make the flat uprights and drill some holes in them then weld a cheap bushing. Similar to what Sunnyz did. The diff will be about an inch more forward than ideal before the cover hits the stock uprights, and this is made worse with the sandwich mount as it moves the diff forward by the thickness if the plate as well. So if you can CNC the uprights with the holes in the right spots, and weld bushing in you'd achieve a easier better mount and can eliminate the moustache bar. Would be easier to manufacture too
  10. zboi

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I'm guessing this is dead then
  11. zboi

    LS turbo manifold options

    I don't think any 2 into 1 system is good on these cars, ground clearance is small already, and to use a 2-1 exhaust you would either have to go under the tranny, or make half an exhaust that goes around the back of it. Going the under tranny route would give you about 1" ground clearance
  12. zboi

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    spitsnaugle I'm very glad to see you doing this. I saw ZCD kit with the idiotic mount that bolts outside the cover requiring a new one and was wanting to make something exactly like you describe that sandwiches. Are you making a suspension upright too? I think that is the main thing to make the swap easy/cheap. I was wanting to do something like Will did but have it just use the explorer front hubs and not some Franken-dodge dealio.That way you could grab everything from a junkyard from one car, and then you can use the stock explorer CVs with just a shortened axle. Should be super easy and affordable.
  13. Honestly I don't know what the fuss is about. It's a piece of steel and its cheaper. A little competition is exactly what the Z car community needs, or are you guys fine with paying an ever increasing premium for parts for your Z? Doesn't take a genius to make a piece of metal the shape of a rectangle...