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  1. New front speaker.. Installed 2 speakers in the rear. Waiting on interior carpet.
  2. I have been working on the wiring behind the dash, removing unused wires and adding relays. Finally completed the restoration of the dash. My dash had many wide crakes. The results are great looks just like new. Will have to see how it holds up in the weather. If it does not hold up I have a full cover that I have fitted on the dash and it fits great. Waiting on my custom made 4 1/2" GPS speedometer. The gauge will have a high beam light, and I will use the blinker lights as the emergency brake light (they will make the gauge with red lights). It will have a remote jack button since I will install in the factory gauge bracket. They also made the brake light and high beam light work on a ground signal instead of a 12 volt signal. They also shorten the GPS wire from 15' to 5'. Great customer service. I also wired the ECU engine light to the volt meter 12 volt red light.
  3. 240Z non working defroster

    The kit is made to repair small breaks in the defrost lines, mine are all bad I would need to replace all the defrost lines. I tried replacing 1 complete defrost line with the kit but the resistance was way to high. I think it was 90 Ohms.
  4. How are people restoring 240Z's repairing a non working defroster? My rear hatch glass is in great condition, but almost all the defrost lines are bad probably caused by window tint. What are the options to get a working defroster? I know I could by a used rear glass on ebay, but the odds are the defroster will be bad. I do not think the glass is available new. Any advice would be great.
  5. LS2 AC compressor mounts

    Hi Richard is the compressor R12 or R134A? Is the compressor a Sanden compressor? Pete
  6. What are my options to install after market AC compressor in my 240Z LS2? I now about JCI but on the web site it says you cannot purchase unless you buy his engine mounts. I have installed the Hoke performance kit. Pete
  7. I received the custom passenger header from Sanderson, that works with the Hoke performance kit. Next I will finish the suspension and brakes.
  8. Installed Vintage air mini Gen 2. Will add AC in the future after car is up and running.
  9. I have a new set of urethane bushings for a 280Z steering rack. Brand new never installed. Local pick up in the bay area, will not ship. Pete
  10. The bottom hose Dayco #C7039 The top hose is made up of two hoses Dayco #D72039 is connected to the engine. Dayco D70704 is connected to the radiator. Bought hoses at Autozone.
  11. I bought the radiator from Ledfoot Racing, the radiator is a 3 core Champion, and the shroud is made by Ledfoot racing.
  12. I finished the intake. I just need to determine how to connect the valve cover vent for the PCV system.
  13. I made some progress on the coolant system. Found some nice coolant hoses that fit almost perfect.
  14. 240z/280z front cross member

    Problem solved. I ordered a set of steering rack urethane bushings from the Z store. The paper work says G machine, these are 1 piece with a slit cut for installation. These hold the steering rack firm in the cross member. The first two sets were energy suspension and these did not clamp tight on the rack.
  15. Techno toy front control arms

    Trackzpeed, was there a reason you did not go with the Futofab front control arms? I have been looking at there control arms. Pete