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  1. 240z/280z front cross member

    Problem solved. I ordered a set of steering rack urethane bushings from the Z store. The paper work says G machine, these are 1 piece with a slit cut for installation. These hold the steering rack firm in the cross member. The first two sets were energy suspension and these did not clamp tight on the rack.
  2. Techno toy front control arms

    Trackzpeed, was there a reason you did not go with the Futofab front control arms? I have been looking at there control arms. Pete
  3. I need to replace my 240Z front control arms, anyone out there that is using Techno toys front control arms have any feedback. Pete
  4. I have a 1971 series 1 240Z, that has a 280Z front cross member installed. The problem I have is the 240Z steering rack is loose at the steering clamps. I have ordered two sets of urethane steering rack bushings but the rack is still loose. I was told the front cross members are the same between the 240Z and 280Z. does anyone have a suggestion to fix the problem. The urethane bushings I have tried are for a 240Z steering rack. You can see in the picture the clamps are touching the rack before I even install the bolts. Pete
  5. Driver side Sanderson header modified to clear steering shaft and #5 spark plug. I will start building the driver side exhaust. Sanderson is building me a custom header for the passenger side to clear the Hoke motor mount. Should be done in a week.
  6. Has anyone had problems with the steering rack being loose after installing new urethane steering rack bushings. You can see in the picture with the clamp on and no bolts the clamp is almost touching the rack. After I install bolts the rack is still loose. I have tried two sets of energy suspension bushings.
  7. alternator to starter wire gauge

    I ran a #2 from the battery to the starter, and ran the same oem #4 wire from the alternator to the starter. I did add a 100 amp fuse inline with the cable between the alternator and starter. The oem wire had no fuse or fusible link.
  8. I raised the engine 3/16" and made a small dent in the header to give 1/4" clearance at the steering shaft. I also dented the header at the #5 spark plug and installed 135 degree ceramic spark plug wires that are good to 2000 degrees. I was told by Zcardepot that with the Sanderson headers you will need to change the #5 wire every 1000-5000 miles without modifying the headers. I now have clearance so I do not see any issues with the boot.
  9. Finished installing PSI stand alone wire harness. Just need to clean up some of the wires. Harness was very complete and fit perfect in the 240Z.
  10. I did remove enough of the boss so the headers do not touch the boss.
  11. I am installing a LS2 with the Hoke performance kit. So far the quality is top notch. I would say more expense then the other kits but you get what you pay for. I will post as many pictures as possible and post any issues I run into. The customer service from Austin is the best. Pete
  12. Driver side Sanderson header installed. I just need to make a small dent for the steering shaft to clear the header, it just touches the #1 header pipe. I will have lots of ground clearance with these headers. Passenger side will need more work. I hope to have Sanderson modify the passenger side to work with the Hoke mounts. I live 20 miles from the Sanderson facility. The other problem I see not related to the Hoke mounts is #5 spark plug is to close to the header, there is only 1/4" clearance on my headers. Not enough room to get a spark plug socket on the plug. You would have to remove the headers to change the spark plug. Also the LS2 90 degree spark plug wire will not fit on the plug (not enough clearance). Pete
  13. I made some adjustments, and now the steering just touches the header. I will just put a small dent in the pipe to clear the steering. The other problem I see with theses headers is the header pipe at the spark plug at #5 is to close. There is only 1/4" between the header and the spark plug. You cannot even get the sparkplug socket on the spark plug. You would have to remove the headers to change the plug. And the 90 degree LS2 spark plug wire does not have enough room to plug in. I did not use the CX racing or Hawks headers because I would like more ground clearance. When I get these headers to work I will have plenty of ground clearance. Pete
  14. Sorry. The car is a 1971 240Z. The Ls2 is installed with Hoke performance mounts.