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  1. Getting closer to dropping in the engine. Finished the brake and clutch lines. Will finish running fuel lines this weekend. I will be using an electric low pressure fuel pump at the OEM gas tank feeding the Edelbrock fuel sump, that has a EFI fuel pump submerged in the fuel in the sump. Will finish removing extra wiring in the engine bay that will not be used.
  2. Cleaning up some wiring and brake lines before attempting first engine install. Does anyone know what the four wires by the battery tray are? 2 red with black stripes, and 2 black with yellow stripes. Pete
  3. Here are some pictures of the LS2, getting closer to install.
  4. The slight difference you can see in the cross member steering brackets is because the Hoke cross member in the picture is from a 280Z, and my old cross member is from my 1971 240Z.
  5. Tried to install the steering rack on the new Hoke cross member last night. But there was a problem with the new Energy suspension urethane mounts. I was sent 2 upper mounts for the passenger side, missing the lower passenger mount.
  6. The engine mounts fit the block perfect. I did swap the GTO oil pan with an oil pan from a corvette. The corvette oil pan has more clearance and is internally baffled for road racing.
  7. My Hoke performance LS/T56 kit arrived today. I ordered the kit for an LS2 GTO install (alternator located low on the driver side. I will be installing a 2006 LS2 and T56 transmission from a GTO, in my 1971 series 1 240Z. The kit looks like it is very high quality.
  8. My 1971 240Z has a build date of 8/70, maybe the series 1 240Z's came with different connectors. Just my thought.
  9. Yes I sent pictures to Futofab they said they do not know why my car is different (they work with there 1971 240Z). I guess I will order new connectors that match and re- wire. My old harness is rusted I do not want to re-use it. I was just wondering if I really have different connectors than other 1971 240Z's. Pete
  10. I just purchased a set of new JDM tail lights from Futofab, the harness connector is different from the OEM harness on my 1971 240Z. Does anyone know which is the correct harness connector, Futofab says is should plug in the OEM harness. You can see from the picture the connecters are totally different. Has anyone had this problem. Is there an adapter to go from the JDM style to the 240Z style connector? Is my car different from all the other 240Z's. The picture on the right is the JDM connector. Pete
  11. Just finished installing my Bad dog frame rails. Ran the rear exhaust.
  12. I received my LS2 and T56 power plant. Now starts the engine work. Anyone that has done the LS2 swap and not used the power steering pump. How did you run the accessory belt?
  13. I was wondering what the wedges were for. I did not see them as part of the kit. Now I understand. Pete
  14. Thanks for the picture, can you tell me how far below the frame rails the 2.5" exhaust pipe is were it goes through the Hoke transmission mount. Pete