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  1. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right

    So, I'm an ******* - i actually need the FRONT-RIGHT strut housing. the original post has been edit to reflect.
  2. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right

    I just need the bottom housing part, pictures would be great. thanks.
  3. Looking for a FRONT-RIGHT strut housing for my 1973 240Z. Anybody have one lying around? I have a nice set of inspection lids - primered and ready to go if you are interested in a trade - or of course, CASH. Thanks
  4. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Agreed - just another thing to add to the list.
  5. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    I just texted the PO - he informed he is a 77 R200 from a 280Z. The reason he considered it Posi - is he welded the rear diff. So, now I know, lol.
  6. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Jacked the car up over the weekend to start working on a suspension refresh. The rear wheels do spin in the same direction so there is some kind of locker - however it does not have the standard finned cover i have seen online. here is a picture of it.
  7. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Oh man, I knew that - I just wasn't thinking I guess. Thanks for the info about the cooler, i'll have to get on it. I'd like a transmission temp gauge as well so i can keep an eye on it.
  8. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Thanks for the help guys. Is there an semi-easy way to check? I did notice I don't have a R200 finned cover. Thanks, I definitely need to do some transmission cooler research. Autos are a foreign language to me, lol. Should i try a Ford forum for help in that subject? About the water pump, I am not sure, I've only run it about 15 mins or less sense I got it home but the temperature gauge looks alright.
  9. Good advice for sure. Would the 16x8s look okay with spacers and flares?
  10. Haha, yeah, that's a great question. I guess I just bought the car and hacking into it makes me little nervous. I needed to get the wheels on asap so I could actually drive the car and now that i already bought the wheels/tires - It seems late to add in the flares as I'd need to run wider wheels/tires. I probably should have just manned up and did the flares. I think in the back of my mind i'm not stupid excited about the V8 and was thinking I might be happier with a l28et build/swap.
  11. Could this be a sagging suspension problem? If i went cheap with a Vogtland springs and Stagg shocks - Could that solve the problem even through they are lowering springs?
  12. Did you go with the Stagg struts as well? If so how do you feel about them?
  13. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    WHOA! Epic fail on my part. Thanks for the heads up, I just updated the title.
  14. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Thanks for the info! I agree, I think a T5 is in my future at some point but for now I'll have to deal with the auto. I guess i'll have to do some research on an external cooler. thanks.
  15. So i ended up getting a XXR 002.5. I tried to get them in Matte black but the were out of stock. The local tire place brought in the bronze lip ones instead. They definitly are not my first choice but they are temporary until i get my fender flares going so i picked them up. Plus they were cheap at 350 for the set. Wheels - XXR 002.5, 16x8 - offset 0 Tires - 225/50/R16 Cooper Zeon RS3. I mounted them up, everything looked good, went for a quick spin around the block and all 4 tires are rubbing when i hit a bump. The suspension is stock, as far as i know original and could be saging so that my be my best bet. I want to go with Ground Control coils and TBD strut but cheaper at the moment is better as I am way out of budget. Do you think a suspension refresh will get rid of the rubbing or should i be rolling the fenders? of course, some pictures. Unloaded gap on rear: Loaded with me sitting in the car - full fledged american at 240lbs =D