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  1. ScramblerX

    280Z TPS cover

    I need a full TPS - which means once i get one - I can send you my old cover.
  2. Updated - looking for a thermostat housing as well - for a 1975 l28e.
  3. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    As an FYI i replace the clutch master and slave and bleed the system and the car is shifting great! Thanks for the help.
  4. Sure - the sooner the better as i just stripped the bolts on mine - maybe you can hit the bolts with some penetrating oil so they start loosening up. message me paypal info.
  5. I'll take the thermostat housing - shipped to 93444 I think this one should work. I'm also tempted on that N42 if you want to work out a deal.
  6. ScramblerX

    A/C removal question

    Awesome! Thats exactly what i was thinking but didn't want to under-think it.
  7. ScramblerX

    A/C removal question

    I'm going to remove my non-working a/c unit in my 75 280z. I did take a look at the FSM and it seems pretty simple for the engine bay but i wanted to confirm i could remove both the compressor pulley and the idle pulley as well - leaving only the (1) belt for alternator and water pump. thanks
  8. ScramblerX

    Just Vinyl Wrapped my 240z... Here are my thoughts

    Rad! Very cool.
  9. ScramblerX

    Seats - Prelude

    I'm interested in the stock seats, located in CA. Thanks
  10. Yeah, I think the 73s fit a full size tire and the 75s fit a smaller tire. Thanks for looking out though.
  11. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    I actually ordered a ton of parts to a refresh and then broke my colarbone and some ribs in a motorcycle accident so its gonna be some time before i can climb under the car. Sooo sad.
  12. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    Thanks for the advice, I ordered a set including the clutch master, slave and hoses and hopefully that will fix it up. Also got some oil, coolant, and spark plugs - so its going to be a productive weekend.
  13. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    So i took a look at the car over the weekend. The Slave seemed to be moving okay but is was leaking alot of fluid. I'm thinking i'll replace it and flush the system and see if that helps.