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  1. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Great! Thanks for the help. I'll probably get to it over the Tday break.
  2. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Thanks for the response. I went ahead and picked up the mishimoto - now i just need to get around to installing it. I'm assuming i should use it as a stand-alone cooler - and not hook it up through the radiator?
  3. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Any thoughts on if this would solve my 'no transmission cooler' problem? I'm looking for something to get me by until i can switch to the 5-speed. https://www.americanmuscle.com/mishimoto-auto-trans-cooler.html
  4. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Family life and motorcycle priorities kept me away from the Z but I'm hoping to finally get the wheels back on this weekend. I decided to watch my budget and try to keep the mods in control which is really against my nature. Meaning I'm still pouring money into it but decided not to go to coilovers or aftermarket control arms, rods, ect. I Rebuilt the rear suspension a couple months ago. New poly bushings all around, blasted and painted the everything, Vogtland lowering springs w/ stagg shocks. The new wheels and tires were rubbing on the old suspension and are still rubbing so picked up a fender roller and am hoping to fix that. (picture is before lowering springs). The front gets the same new shock/springs, bushings, blasting & paint, TC rods got the radial bearings, new wheels bearings, stoptech rotors, SW-8 calipers, Silver Mine pads, steel lines, ball joints and tie-rods.
  5. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    Thanks for the heads up, I walked into O'Reillys and it was 40 bucks OTD, should be in store in 2 days and i'm hoping to get everything installed this weekend. That does look nice - hopefully i won't be dissappionted in the O'Reilly rebuild. Will the reservoirs from the original 240Z fit?
  6. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    I have a 240Z and switching to the s12-8 Toyota calipers and the how-to mentioned the change to a 15/16 master from the years 79-81. I personally don't know what changed.
  7. As the title states, looking for a 79-81 brake master cylinder. let me know if you have a spare lying around. thanks!
  8. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right - FOUND!

    So, I'm an ******* - i actually need the FRONT-RIGHT strut housing. the original post has been edit to reflect.
  9. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right - FOUND!

    I just need the bottom housing part, pictures would be great. thanks.
  10. Looking for a FRONT-RIGHT strut housing for my 1973 240Z. Anybody have one lying around? I have a nice set of inspection lids - primered and ready to go if you are interested in a trade - or of course, CASH. Thanks FOUND! thanks HybridZ and Z240!
  11. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Agreed - just another thing to add to the list.
  12. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    I just texted the PO - he informed he is a 77 R200 from a 280Z. The reason he considered it Posi - is he welded the rear diff. So, now I know, lol.
  13. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Jacked the car up over the weekend to start working on a suspension refresh. The rear wheels do spin in the same direction so there is some kind of locker - however it does not have the standard finned cover i have seen online. here is a picture of it.
  14. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Oh man, I knew that - I just wasn't thinking I guess. Thanks for the info about the cooler, i'll have to get on it. I'd like a transmission temp gauge as well so i can keep an eye on it.
  15. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Thanks for the help guys. Is there an semi-easy way to check? I did notice I don't have a R200 finned cover. Thanks, I definitely need to do some transmission cooler research. Autos are a foreign language to me, lol. Should i try a Ford forum for help in that subject? About the water pump, I am not sure, I've only run it about 15 mins or less sense I got it home but the temperature gauge looks alright.