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  1. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    Great - thanks for the help. I'll look into it tonight.
  2. ScramblerX

    75 280Z - Won't shift gears

    I just bought a 280z from ebay and had it delivered last night. It was supposed to run great and it starts up well but won't change gears when the car is running. I had to put it in first, start the car, move, shut off the car, shift to reverse, start the car, move. Any ideas? I'll take a look at the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder when i get off work and there is alot of play in the shifter so maybe i'll get some bushings too.
  3. I'm looking for a windshield and driver side window for a 75 280Z 2-seater. Im also looking for a decent condition tire well as mine has some rust. thanks!
  4. Looking for a project Z car, any 75 and older will due, but might consider a smogged 76+. I'm centrally located in Pismo beach CA - anywhere in CA is fine, might even consider other states for the right project. Looking under 4K at the moment.
  5. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

  6. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

    Thanks for the link - i did read that process but its a little over my head. For one - i am not sure what "backlash" is? I was hoping there was something with pictures or diagrams or a tutorial for the diff newbie. thanks,
  7. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

    I just picked up a 76 r200 and a brand new quafe LSD. I've never opened up a diff before - any recommendations? Can anybody point me to a how-to? thanks
  8. Still looking - about to place an order with TTT. thanks.
  9. ScramblerX

    NEW OWNER: 75 280Z w/ LT1

    Thanks so much for the help - it gives me a good place to start looking. It is much appreciated.
  10. ScramblerX

    NEW OWNER: 75 280Z w/ LT1

    So at idle its running about 35, when i unplug the vacum line it bumps up to about 40, but as soon as i turn off the engine it drops to less than 15 instantly. When i turn the key on, the fuel pump runs and pressure is about 40, but as soon as the fuel pump stops is drops to below 15 instantly again. It also looks to be an aftermarket part.
  11. ScramblerX

    NEW OWNER: 75 280Z w/ LT1

    Thanks for the heads up, i'll give it a google. Actually - they have a fuel pressure gauge installed in the engine bay - is there a number is should be?
  12. ScramblerX

    NEW OWNER: 75 280Z w/ LT1

    Hopefully somebody can help me with this - the LT1 is hard starting in the mornings. I turn on the ignition and the fuel pump runs for about seconds, the car starts up pretty quickly but doesn't have enough gas to keep it going and will stall out. I turn the key on and off to cycle the pump a few times and it helps but still not enough. Is there a way to make the pump cycle longer? Should i install a larger pump? any input is appreciated. thanks
  13. ScramblerX

    280Z Half Shafts

    If NOLANT178 didn't pick up 1&2 - i'll take them.
  14. Cool, i'm interested - can you send me a picture? I tend to make it to LA every couple of weeks.