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  1. I got a 1983 280zx auto turbo. Has rough idle. Sounds like it wants to die but doesn't die. Also it's using alot of gas. Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. Yeah true. I'm just trying to learn more about how engines work. I use to be that guy that just replaces parts that I know that go out and not know what they do lol but now I want to learn about what does what so I can get a better understanding of stuff.
  3. Well I just fixed the electrical problem. I put a new negative on my altenater. Now it just has a rough idle. I'm going to haft to make a new post. Because this thing is drinking gas like its dieing of thirst. So now im thinking its not getting enough air so it's throwing more gas in it too make up for the loss of air. Idk I got to do more research on it.
  4. I have a 1983 280zx turbo. It's automatic. Right now it idles really rough like it wants to die but won't die. Also as the rpm gets higher. All the lights get brighter and when the rpms get lower all the lights get dimmer. I'm thinking these two problems can be from the same thing. Did anyone else ever have this problem and if so. How did you fix it? All the info would be really appreciated. It has died once when I left it running for awhile and then put it in drive. It died right when it went into drive but, hasn't done that again yet.