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  1. Hi, sorry if this has been already discussed but after all my research on the web, i didnt find any clear answer concerning the use of the stock 280z clutch master cylinder with a T56 6 speed tranny... Is it adequate or no? I know people do replace them with more recent units from tilton etc... but is it a necessity? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yess in fact! Thanks!
  3. Hey thanks for the reply! I already have the stagg shocks and vogtland springs in stock.... I would try it without camber plates if i am sure that everything will clear.... Should have go with the BC coilovers.....I would not have this dilemma right now.... Thanks for your help! Im in Quebec province.
  4. Hi, im doing a full restoration of my 280z and i am wondering if front camber plates/rear camber bushings are mandatory for a street build running 15x9 -15 offset wheels and 245 wide tires at 4 corners under zg flares, on stock replacement stagg shocks and vogtland springs. Any advice on this would be really appreciated since i would weld the camber plates if needed before repainting my engine bay. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the advices, im still looking at different options.... I must take track pads availlability in consideration too.... No problems with wilwood calipers in that department but for the toyota calipers choice is pretty limited....
  6. Dont get me wrong, i dont change my rotors that often, not even once a year with some track use. But when i have to, its nice to have some replacements availlable locally, epecially during a driving event that you have paid for... Its sucks to have to end your day or weekend because of warped/cracked rotors...
  7. Silvermine wilwood kits use modified sentra rotors if im not mistaken. Not something you can buy at your local auto parts.... Track season is short over here so i want to limit downtime as much as possible....i guess i just have to keep spare rotors in my garage.... And i dont like those fancy drilled rotors....blank rotors works best for me....arizona z car seems to have a great setup.....
  8. Yess i saw this thread and many others... It would be 20-25 min sessions on a pretty fast track with a couple of hard braking zones.....with the v8 i highly doubt the stock setup would be adequate....i think rear disks would be mandatory too.... With my e36 track car i just buy cheap plain chineese rotors from the local auto parts store and throw them in garbage when they are done....its cheap and i can get rotors easily as needed....
  9. Hi, i am currently building my 280z V8 LS dual duty car and i would like to see what other track junkies use for brake setups. I know most of the kits availlable, but my concern is that most of them use proprietary rotors or oem rotors that must be modified. Is there any good setup that would use on the shelf rotors? I know the toyota pickup vented setup do but i am wondering if it can really handle track duties.... Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    No dyno required as the ecu is self tuning. Based mainly on wideband sensor data......may not be 100% optimal like a real dyno tune but it can run really good let me tell you.....
  11. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    No no forget the 2k budget i decided to put some more money in it....4-5k should make it....
  12. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    I already started yess.... I would have to have someone finetune the ms3 for me and probably a dyno run so those costs adds to ms3 as well....ez-efi is nice for this you start the engine and go.....as stated before i already have one on my race car and i was impressed with that thing.... https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjU5VB8wXXw3lBnqqy2VusfxaXvp
  13. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    Im still not ruling out the 4 bbl intake, considering i would have to buy a pallnet fuel rail, injectors, probably 60mm throttle body + z car depot ez efi kit....i could just buy the arizona z car 4 bbl intake and ez-efi throttle body kit and be done with it....cost would probably be similar...it probably flows a bit better as well....cleans up the engine bay....i dont know...
  14. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    Do you have any porting done on the stock intake?
  15. mforget

    L28 dual duty build

    My plan was to use the z car depot ez-efi self tuning kit that they developped for the stock intake....but if the stock intake is a real problem, i may just put a 4 barell intake and ran an ez-efi electronic throttle body instead....i dont have patience to mess with carbs anymore....