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  1. DakotaXPRO

    Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    Any new news? Is your one friend able to make the brackets?
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who has or can make a set of R32 GTR Sumitomo 4 piston brake caliper brackets to fit on a Datsun 240z. I have messaged a few people with previous posts on the subject that have made the brackets, but I haven't gotten a response. any help is much appreciated. I also already have someone who can machine the rotors to fit on the 240z hubs as well.
  3. DakotaXPRO

    R200 mustache bar!

    Looking around for an R200 mustache bar
  4. DakotaXPRO

    parting out 1975 280z

    Im looking for a r200 mustache bar, do you have one?
  5. DakotaXPRO

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    Do you have the r200 mustache bar?
  6. DakotaXPRO

    Various 280Z parts

    Do you have the r200 differential mustache bar?
  7. DakotaXPRO

    Z31 R200 Clutch LSD for sale

    Do you know the dimensions and weight so I can see how much shipping would be to Kissimmee FL.